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A Minnesota judge is asking Google to fork over the names of all users who searched the name of a local fraud victim last December in a passport fraud case.

Why Bay Area startup Zapier offers employees $10,000 to 'delocate'
But one startup is flipping the script. Last week, Zapier, a workflow automation company, announced that it would offer its new hires in the Bay Area $10,000 to help them "delocate": that is, move out of the Bay Area to somewhere more affordable.
San Francisco Tech Startup Offers New Hires $10,000 to De-Locate From Bay Area
Talk about an astonishing turn of events. Citing the Bay Area’s astronomical rents, tech startup Zapier is paying new hires $10,000 to move away from here. Zapier is behind a tool that enables different web apps to work together automatically ...
Bay Area startup offering new hires $10,000 to leave Bay Area
How about this for the ultimate tech perk? Get paid $10,000 to move out of the expensive Bay Area. In what appears to be a first-of-its-kind offering, Bay Area-based startup Zapier has launched a “de-location package,” with CEO Wade Foster saying in a ...
Tech Firm Offers Employees $10K to Move Away From SF
The $10,000 will be used to reimburse moving expenses in the first three months, according to the fine print, and those who take Zapier up on the offer have to agree to work for them for at least a year. Foster, who moved to the Bay Area from Missouri five ...
This Company Pays Employees $10,000 to Move Wherever They Want
Here's how it works: If a new hire wants to leave the Bay Area, to get away from the high cost of living or the urban cultural milieu or the triumphalism of Warriors fans, Zapier will reimburse up to $10,000 of moving costs incurred within the first three ...
Would You Take $10,000 to Move to a Lower Cost-of-Living Area?
... company Zapier recently put up a job ad inviting people in the Bay Area to apply for positions on their remote team. If they get hired, Zapier will give them $10,000 to move to an area with a lower cost of living. Zapier has always been a 100% remote team.
Company offers $10k to employees willing to ditch the Bay Area
The Bay Area, that is, not the company. Zapier CEO Wade Foster says the offer is an experimental one. After moving to the Bay Area five years ago, Foster is aware of all the benefits of living there: great weather, beaches, wine country, skiing ...
Startup offers $10,000 to Silicon Valley techies … who will leave Bay Area
Citrix reveals full Xen combo will be cheaper than Xen lite for Azure A startup is offering workers a hefty sign-on bonus – if they move out of the San Francisco Bay Area. The CEO of web app automator Zapier, Wade Foster, is offering new hires up to $ ...
The cost of living in San Francisco is so high, a tech company is paying workers $10,000 to move
In an effort to help employees avoid the high cost of living, a small tech company will pay new hires $10,000 to move out of the Bay Area and work remotely. In a blog post published March 17, Zapier CEO Wade Foster announced an experimental “de-location ...
This Tech Company is Paying Workers $10,000 to Leave the Bay Area
Wade Foster, the chief executive of Zapier -- a company specializing in workflow automation tools -- wants his employees to expand their horizons and hopefully their bank accounts by leaving the Bay Area ... The money covers moving expenses for your ...
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