Woman Burned By Starbucks Coffee

When Katherine Mize bought a cup of coffee from Starbucks one morning, she says she didn't know it would change her life.

Woman Awarded $100,000 For Starbucks Coffee Burns
Starbucks has been ordered to pay a Florida woman $100,000 after she suffered first- and second-degree burns from their coffee, her lawyers announced. The ...
Florida woman burned by Starbucks coffee ... - Mail Online
A Florida woman who was severely burned after the lid popped off a cup of Starbucks coffee and spilled on her lap was awarded $100,000 for her injuries.
The Coffee Cost Her $2.50. It Cost Starbucks $100K
The Venti Pike Place coffee cost her about $2.50. It ended up costing Starbucks about 40,000 times that. In the latest hot-coffee lawsuit , a Florida woman ...
Not Just a Hot Cup Anymore - The New York Times
More than 20 years ago, 79-year-old Stella Liebeck ordered coffee at a McDonald’s drive-through in Albuquerque, N.M. She spilled the coffee, was burned ...
Woman suing Starbucks claims hot tea killed her dog ...
Deanna Salas-Solano said that she and her dog were severely burned after hot tea from a Starbucks drive-thru spilled through an unsecured lid.
Woman shot outside Starbucks in Cobb County | WSB-TV
Woman shot outside Starbucks in Cobb County; Man escapes fire that quickly burned through home; Jury deliberating fate of mom accused in toddler's codeine death
The (Many) Reasons People Have Sued Starbucks
The coffee giant has been sued for everything from crushed genitalia to poisoned lattes.
Why Heterosexual Men Should Boycott Starbucks
February 26, 2016 The Thraex. Do yourself a favor, don’t drink coffee full stop. Especially, when you think you need it. Stimulants damage the adrenal glands.
Starbucks Headquarters Information – Headquarters Info
Contacting Starbucks Headquarters. Starbucks started in 1971 with a roaster and the desire to sell the best roasted coffee beans and spices on the market.
Pakistani woman has entire face burned off with acid ...
Pakistani woman has her entire face burned off with acid by her jealous friend who didn't want her to become an air hostess. Kanwal Qayyum, 29, was injured after ...