Spiritual ecstasy, induced by remembrance of God (Zikr) while hearing recitation of the Qur'an, Ahadith, or spiritual poetry, is called Wajd or "Wajad" by Sufis: it is especially cultivated among the Naqshbandi and Chishti spiritual orders.

The wait is over! The first music video from WAJD is here! NO autotuners, NO synthesizers, and only real, live instruments. The News calls Hadiqa's rendition "incredible because she sings...

  1. Musiques d'Alep
  2. I Heart Wajd ( Love ) Official Mug
  3. Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy Classic
  4. Wajd
  5. Wajd: Jelousy Between Brothers and Sisters: Arabic Children's Book
  6. I Am WAJD Official Mug
  7. Dhal Ahyafo Almojab
  8. Music from Aleppo by Wajd Ensemble
  9. Sikandar Ali Wajd Shair-O-Shaqus (Urdu Edition)
  11. Feasibility Studies for Engineering And Industrial Projects
  12. al-?ad?qah al-fikr?yah f? ithb?t All?h bi-al-bar?h?n al-?ab???yah (Arabic Edition)
  13. Ya Naesa Alajfann
  14. Al-madanyah Wa-al-islm (Arabic Edition)
  15. Tabq Al-diynah Al-islmyah (Arabic Edition)
  16. Risālah fī al-ṣabābah wa-al-wajd (Riwāyāt al-Hilāl) (Arabic Edition)
  17. Risalat al-sababah wa-al-wajd
  18. Khadouka Alnadi
  19. Hibbi Zurni
  20. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 9
  21. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 8
  22. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 7
  23. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 6
  24. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 5
  25. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 4
  26. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 3
  27. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 2
  28. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 1
  29. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 5
  30. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 4
  31. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 3
  32. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 2
  33. Nafahat Wajd, Pt. 1
  34. Qudoud Hijaz / Ney Improvisation
  35. Qamaron / Bilahi
  36. Wa Alish
  37. Ader Rahaty
  38. Haya Wa Nadim
  39. Oud Improvisation
  40. Alouyoun Alnarjisea
  41. Ya Nasmtan Men Souadi
  42. Qanun Improvisation
  43. Lam Yakon Hajri
  44. Ya Gazal
  45. Saz Samaisi Muhayyer Kurdi
  46. Pourquoi m'aimes-tu ?
  47. Le parfum de nos contrées
  48. Souvenance
  49. Exil
  50. Le Pont des Arts
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When Dr. Naimah Wajd was eight years old, she accompanied her mother, a nurse, on clinical visits to family and friends in need. “My mother would encourage me to learn about diseases by studying her Lippincott nursing manual,” says Dr. Wajd.
Sama (Sufism) - Wikipedia
Sama (Turkish: Sema, Persian, Urdu and Arabic: سَمَاع ‎ - samā‘ un) is a Sufi ceremony performed as dhikr.Sama means "listening", while dhikr means "remembrance". ...
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Przy akompaniamencie tang i fokstrotów bohater filmu, Maciek Chełmicki, szuka odpowiedzi, jak żyć dalej – jak zrzucić dławiący bagaż przeszłości, rozwiązuje odwieczny dylemat żołnierza.
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