Tsugaru Yasuchika

Tsugaru Yasuchika (津軽 寧親, March 8, 1765 – July 30, 1833) was the 9th daimyō of Hirosaki Domain in northern Mutsu Province, Honshū, Japan (modern-day Aomori Prefecture).

Sagara Sozo to sono doshi ; Soma Daisaku to Tsugaru Tanomo (Nihon rekishi bungakkan) (Japanese Edition)

Shin Hasegawa (Hardcover)


Hirosaki2 Castle
It was not rebuilt until 1810, when the present 3-story structure was erected, but at the southeast corner, rather than the original southwest location. It was built by the 9th daimyō, Tsugaru Yasuchika. (wiki)
Tsugaru Chikatari
However, in April 1809, the Tokugawa shogunate agreed to raising the status of Kuroishi to a full han as part of its agreement with Tsugaru Yasuchika over dispatch of troops to guard the Ezo frontier, and Chikatari saw his revenues increase by an ...
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The Nezasaha Kinpu-ryu has an unusual history among shakuhachi schools. The music-loving ninth lord, Tsugaru Yasuchika, as part of his efforts to raise the cultural level of his remote domain (he also founded a college there), dispatched one of his samurai ...
When did Tsugaru Yasuchika die?
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Hirosaki Castle
He took the family name of Tsugaru at that time. At the Battle of Sekigahara ... the foundations of the former palace structures and a Shinto shrine. In 2006, Hirosaki Castle was listed as one of the 100 Fine Castles of Japan by the Japan Castle Foundation.
In the 2nd year of this ear (1805), Yasuchika Tsugaru was awarded a salary increase from 40 thousand to 70 thousand koku of rice for his successes in many years of service in the land of Ezo. In February of the 4th of the Bunka era (1807) the central ...
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Tamamo-no-Mae was a courtesan under the of Emperor Konoe. She was said to be the most beautiful and intelligent woman in Japan. The Emporor mysteriously he fell ill. Abe no Yasuch
Hirosaki Domain
Tamenobu was followed by his son, Tsugaru Nobuhira (ruled 1607-1631), who had been baptized as a Kirishitan. His inheritance was initially challenged by faction which supported his nephew in the Tsugaru Disturbance (津軽騒動, Tsugaru-sōdō?)
Genetic Variation and Differentiation in the Japanese Five-Lined Skink, Eumeces latiscutatus (Reptilia: Squamata)
By contrast, samples from Sapporo and Aomori were poorly differentiated genetically in spite of the long separation of these two localities by the Tsugaru Strait. This suggests that overseas dispersal of E. latiscutatus occurred across this strait after ...
Hirosaki Castle
He took the family name of Tsugaru at that time. At the Battle of Sekigahara, he sided with Tokugawa Ieyasu and was subsequently confirmed as lord of Hirosaki Domain with revenues increased to 47,000 koku. In 1603, he began work on a castle in Hirosaki ...
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Robert and I have collaborated on the Tsuba and Tosogu portion of this web-site to offer the student a concise reference to most schools and tsuba-ko's and for the ...
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Tokugawa Ieyasu (徳川 家康, January 31, 1543 – June 1, 1616) was the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan, which effectively ruled Japan ...