Tsugaru Peninsula

The Tsugaru Peninsula (津軽半島, Tsugaru Hantō) is a peninsula in Aomori Prefecture, at the northern end of Honshū island, Japan.

津軽半島ミニ周遊記 Tsugaru Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture, Japan 津軽半島で撮影した風景を短くまとめてみました。

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Visitor Information.Access There are direct flights from major Japanese cities to Aomori and Misawa Airports, and you can catch a bus from the airport to anywhere you want to
睦屋市場中食堂 - 津軽半島観光アテンダント
睦屋市場中食堂 - 青森県の北西部 津軽半島へ是非お越し下さい。
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Official site of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), featuring vacation spots, food, travel information and more.
Aomori Port / CRUISE PORT GUIDE OF JAPAN - 国土交通省
The Aomori Port is a fine, very tranquil harbor situated at the innermost part of Mutsu Bay. As you proceed into the bay and gaze out at Shimokita Peninsula and Tsugaru Peninsula on either side, directly ahead you'll see the grand Mt. Hakkoda stretching before you.
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