Tsugaru Dialect

The Tsugaru dialect (津軽弁, Tsugaru-ben) is a Japanese dialect spoken in western Aomori Prefecture.

Clip from the anime, Flying Witch. Episode 3. Spring 2016 anime. For entertainment purposes only.

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Map of Japanese dialects (north of the heavy grey line) The dialects of the Japanese language fall into two primary clades, Eastern (including Tokyo) and Western (including Kyoto), with the dialects of Kyushu and Hachijō Island often distinguished as additional branches, the latter perhaps the most divergent of all.
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In the Hirosaki Neputa Village (Neputa-mura) you'll find handicrafts of Tsugaru and learn everything about the Neputa Festival in August.
方言かるたシリーズ第二弾! 本場のお国言葉を読み上げる方言かるたシリーズ第二弾「津軽弁かるた」が新登場!
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ゆったりと落ち着いた空間で 自宅レストラン『こんみど』の料理をお楽しみください。
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Vocab power: stop saying “totemo” Totemo means “very” in Japanese, also sometimes pronounced とっても/tottemo with a kicked “t” for added emphasis. Because it is so easy to pronounce, so broad in meaning and so simple in grammar, it is one of the most useful words in the Japanese language.
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