Tsugaru (train)

The Tsugaru (つがる) is a limited express train service in Japan operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), which runs from Aomori to Hirosaki and Akita via the Tōhoku Main Line and Ōu Main Line.

The Stove Train of Tugaru railway is a special seasonal feature in Aomori. There are coal heaters inside the train and they make an old-fashioned Japanese atmosphere. Stove Train Operation:...

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The Hokkaido Shinkansen (北海道新幹線, Hokkaidō Shinkansen) is a Japanese high-speed shinkansen rail line that links up with the Tōhoku Shinkansen in northern Aomori Prefecture in Honshu and continues on into the interior of Hokkaido through the undersea Seikan Tunnel.
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Visitor Information.Access There are direct flights from major Japanese cities to Aomori and Misawa Airports, and you can catch a bus from the airport to anywhere you want to
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Hayate (はやて) is a high-speed Shinkansen service operated in Japan, on the Tohoku Shinkansen by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) since 2002 and on the Hokkaido Shinkansen by JR Hokkaido since 26 March 2016.
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津軽鉄道線は、津軽五所川原駅から津軽中里駅間20.7kmを結ぶローカル路線です。 車窓から見る奥津軽の風景は趣深く、県内外からの観光客にも親しまれ、中でも冬期間に運行される全国的にも珍しいストーブ列車にはたくさんの人が訪れます。
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Rail travel in Hokkaido will take on a new persona.GranClass offers exceptional spaciousness, comfort and hospitality. The pattern of the cabin's blue carpet represents the brilliance of the ocean, lakes and marshes along the Shinkansen's route.
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・Updated on 2018/04/13 (items with pink background) ・Item without any infornation is N scale or Magazines. ・A day on sale is the day shipping from our factory, not equal to actual day to buy in domestic stores.
Hokkaido Shinkansen – Traveling from Tokyo to Sapporo ...
One of Japan’s most famous symbols is the Shinkansen bullet train, a masterful piece of engineering and technology designed to link the capital to Japan’s major cities, with travel times of only a few hours.
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