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Exclusive: President Trump on his use of Twitter, its role in his presidential victory, his attitude toward the press coverage he receives from 'fake new media,'and ...

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Trump Revealed and Republicans Unconcealed for Millennials: Six Ways Putin’s Fool in the Plot to Hack America, Aided by a Pack of Corporate Stooges and Neo-Confederates, Will Destroy Your Dreams

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The only app on Trump's iPhone is Twitter
Donald Trump listens to his mobile phone during a lunch stop in South Carolina in 2016. AP Photo/Matt Rourke President Donald Trump tweets from an iPhone with only one app installed, Twitter, Axios reporter Mike Allen wrote on Thursday. Trump's aides like ...
Inside Twitter, angst over the Trump effect
Twitter insiders are at odds over whether to celebrate President Trump’s headline-grabbing use of their platform. Some Twitter executives have praised Trump’s prolific Twitter habit, saying it brings welcome transparency to government. Others lament ...
Colbert stages a Trump Twitter intervention: ‘Accept help, or at the very least, auto-correct’
President Trump’s Twitter habits have been a blessing and a curse for late-night comedians. And Stephen Colbert just articulated why. The CBS late-night host staged a “Twitter-vention” during his Tuesday night broadcast, pleading with Trump to curb ...
This is the only app President Trump has on his iPhone
It’s no wonder President Trump tweets so much — Twitter is the only app he can get his little hands on. Trump’s iPhone contains only one app — Twitter, Axios reports. Top White House officials said Trump’s staff is employing a new strategy to ...
Trump's Twitter page commemorates his visit to the Western Wall
President Trump made history on Monday as the first sitting president of the United States to visit the Western Wall - and commemorated the special moment with an updated banner image on his personal Twitter account. The new image shows Trump standing ...
Trump slammed by Twitter trolls for calling terrorists ‘losers’
President Trump’s decision to call the terrorists responsible for the deadly Manchester attack “evil losers” has been shot down as “playground” talk on Twitter. “Young Trump on the school playground: Jimmy took my ball! He’s an evil loser!
Colbert On Trump's Twitter Absence
President Trump has not been as active on Twitter as he usually is, and Stephen Colbert has a theory as to why. "I assume it's because he's too cheap to pay for data roaming," joked the Late Show host on Tuesday. Colbert said another reason could be due to ...
10 apps Donald Trump should download instead of Twitter (like, right now)
Donald Trump's using his iPhone wrong. The President reportedly (finally!) has an iPhone. And yet, he's only installed a single, solitary app on it: Twitter. Of course. SEE ALSO: Twitter has all the answers for Trump's 'orb of doom' photo No matter what ...
Trump Shoves NATO Leader Aside, Twitter Reacts: ‘Classy Leader Alert!’
The latest moment from President Donald Trump’s trip abroad to go viral is a brief video which appears to show Trump moving aside another NATO leader so he can be front and center in a photo. The moment, which has been widely shared on social media ...
Donald Trump only has one app on his iPhone, and you’ll never guess what it is
For Trump, Twitter is a gateway to the world that can help him express his views to his supporters. But Twitter isn’t exactly helping him during these perilous times. More often than not, his Twitter remarks have hurt his administration, and that’s why ...
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Donald Trump's Twitter milestone: 20 million followers ...
President-elect Donald Trump has been climbing the Twitter charts, and on Monday he hit a milestone that his aides had been watching for.
Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on Twitter
China just agreed that the U.S. will be allowed to sell beef, and other major products, into China once again. This is REAL news!
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Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Appreciate the congrats for ...
Add a location to your Tweets. When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the ...
Trump threatens Comey in Twitter outburst -
President Donald Trump issued a thinly veiled threat Friday to fired FBI Director James Comey, apparently suggesting there are possibly recorded ...
Donald Trump Twitter Forum Live Blog - CBS News
In what was billed as a Twitter forum hosted by President Trump on Sunday for young people in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Trump's eldest daughter and senior White ...
To save the republic, take away Trump's Twitter account ...
But Twitter is different. Trump may or may not prove to be hugely and permanently dangerous. These are early days. But this little man has chosen this little medium ...