Trump Impeachment

Efforts to impeach Donald Trump have been started by certain members of the United States Congress and other people and groups who have asserted that Donald Trump has engaged in impeachable activity during his presidency, and should be removed from office.

Our State of the Union panel Bakari Sellers, Rick Santorum, Farah Pandith and Rep. Adam Kinzinger tackle the turbulent week for the White House with Jake ...

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U.S. Cities Demand Trump Impeachment Investigation Over Foreign Payments
Several cities from across the U.S. have joined a growing movement of local governments calling on Congress to investigate impeaching President Donald Trump. Last Thursday Brookline, Massachusetts, became the latest in a list of nearly a dozen American ...
Cities join call for impeachment
Congress may not be ready to launch impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, but a growing number of cities and towns are trying to push members in that direction. Brookline, Mass., became the 10th and latest local government Thursday to pass a ...
Ten American cities call for Trump’s impeachment
The US Congress may not be ready to launch impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump, but a growing number of cities and towns are trying to push it in that direction. This was reported by Politico agency. Brookline, Massachusetts, became ...
Cory Booker Pumps Brakes On Trump Impeachment Talk
Sen. Corey Booker (D-N.J.) isn’t hoping to impeach President Donald Trump anytime soon, the potential 2020 presidential candidate said Sunday. “I’m not going to rush impeachment,” Booker said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I think we need ...
Booker: 'I'm not going to rush impeachment' for Trump
Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) in an interview on Sunday responded to calls by some Democrats to impeach President Trump, saying lawmakers have to treat ongoing investigations into Russian election meddling "in a very sobered way." "I’m not going to rush ...
Maxine Waters Demands Trump Impeachment Because She “Believes” In Collusion
In an interview with CNN, Maxine Waters addressed the Democrats who are too “hesitant” to call for President Trump’s impeachment. Maxine Waters shared that Trump needs to be impeached because she believes he colluded with Russia. In other words ...
Clinton predicts impeachment for Trump
Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told graduates at a Commencement address at Wellesley College Friday, "We were furious about the past presidential election -- of a man who's presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his ...
Experts Upgrade Donald Trump's Impeachment Odds As Russian Investigation Looms
Donald Trump’s presidency has been clouded in controversy from its very inception, with multiple federal investigations into his campaign’s ties to Russia looming over the White House before he even assumed the Oval Office. Now, it appears his odds of ...
More and More American Cities Join Call for Trump Impeachment
Given the reality that today's Republicans - in sharp contrast to those of the Watergate era - put their party over the best interests of the nation (even possible treason is willingly overlooked), a growing number of localities and cities are working to ...
Want Donald Trump Impeached? Be Careful What You Wish For (VIDEO)
Some of you out there really, really hate President Trump. Some of you despise the guy so much you want him impeached, and are looking for any reason to make that happen. Heck, some of you were talking about impeaching him before he was the Republican nominee.
The Trump Impeachment
Website Dedicated to the Inevitable Impeachment of Trump
Rep. Al Green calls for Trump impeachment on House floor ...
Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump Wednesday morning, the first member of Congress to officially ...
The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun - The ...
The impeachment drive comes as Democrats and liberal activists are mounting broad opposition to stymie Trump's agenda. Among the groups organizing challenges to the ...
Trump Impeachment Talk Grows From Conspiracy Theory To ...
The elephant in the room whenever talking about President Trump and the Russia investigation is the big "I" word — impeachment. The word had been in the ...
Donald Trump Impeachment: How Quickly Could It Happen ...
Donald Trump isn’t even the Republican nominee yet. But his incendiary rhetoric, most notably about killing the families of terrorists and bringing back ...
Trump and impeachment: A primer - Washington Times
Impeachment of the president has returned as a topic of conversation among the chattering class. Precipitating events have included the firing of FBI ...
Trump impeached? You can bet on it - POLITICO
Trump impeached? You can bet on it. The prospect that the president won't make it through his term is big business for bookmakers. By Steven Shepard.
First Republicans talk possibility of impeachment for Trump
Republicans are beginning to talk of the possibility that President Trump could face impeachment after reports that he pressed ousted FBI Director James Comey to end ...
Impeach Trump Now
Sign Here to Impeach Donald Trump Now. From the moment he assumed the office, President Donald Trump has been in direct violation of the US Constitution.
Will Trump be impeached? Here’s how it would actually ...
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