Syria Airstrikes

Dozens of civilians have been killed in a spike in violence in Syria. At least 40 people have died in recent days in what opposition activists describe as indiscriminate bombardment. The...



A KC-135 Stratotanker refuels a B-1B Lancer prior to air strikes over Syria Sept. 27, 2014. The B-1B

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Israeli Mossad: Operation Orchard Israel's Strike On The Syrian Reactor


Next Steps for U.S. Foreign Policy on Syria and Iraq

Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa of the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives (Paperback - Feb 2, 2015)


The Authorization of Use of Force in Syria

Committee on Foreign Relations United States Senate (Paperback - Jan 3, 2015)


Dear World: A Syrian Girl's Story of War and Plea for Peace

Simon & Schuster


Pre-Emption and Precedent: The Significance of Iraq (1981) and Syria (2007) for an Israeli Response to an Iranian Nuclear Threat - Osirak Reactor, Covert Actions, Air Strike, IAEA, U.S. Relations

Progressive Management


Bye Bye Bashar!: President Trump's Plan to Oust Assad and Bring Peace to Syria

Entitled Millennial


Syria crisis - CNN
The Syrian civil war is not only one of the bloodiest conflicts in the world today, it's also one of the most complicated. Learn about the Syria crisis.
Syria | Fox News
Syria news articles and videos from's World section.
Airstrikes kill 57 in Syria two days before peace talks - CNN
Airstrikes and shelling killed at least 57 people Sunday in two separate towns in Syria, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory For Human Rights (SOHR).
Israel Rock Syria With Airstrikes Overnight, Bypassing ...
Israeli jets pounded targets in Damascus, Syria overnight, according to reports from Lebanon and the Jerusalem Post.
US airstrikes on Syria mosque compound violated ...
US airstrikes on Syria mosque compound 'in violation of international law': UN
Australia has suspended anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria amid ...
Australia has suspended military air operations in Syria, after Russia said it would treat coalition aircraft as potential targets in response to the downing of a ...
Civilian Casualties in Anti-ISIS Coalition Airstrikes in Syria
In Syria, civilian casualties from airstrikes by the US-led military coalition fighting the extremist armed group Islamic State (also known as ISIS) significantly ...
Syria | Institute for the Study of War
This graphic marks the latest installment of our Syria SITREP Map made possible through a partnership between the Institute for the Study of War and Syria Direct.
Monitors: US Airstrikes Have Killed 2,617 Civilians in ...
While the official Pentagon reports on civilian deaths claim far fewer deaths, NGOs have been consistently documenting a massive number of civilian bystanders killed ...
PressTV-US airstrikes kill 23 civilians in Syria's Dayr al ...
At least 23 Syrian civilians are killed in US airstrikes on the country's eastern Dayr al-Zawr province, says a UK-based monitoring group.