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National Geographic End of the World: Evacuate Earth What would we do if the Earth were about to be destroyed? EVACUATE EARTH examines this terrifying and scientifically plausible scenario...

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  21. No Dog Left Behind: Learn How to Evacuate With Scotty
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Paris Hilton, Lea Michele and More Stars Evacuate Their ...
Several wildfires in Southern California continue to force thousands of residents out of their homes. In fact, the Skirball Fire located near Bel Air has caused several celebrities to pack their bags and seek shelter elsewhere. According to social media, Paris Hilton decided to leave her home as ...
Oprah Winfrey Evacuates Pets as California Fire Threatens ...
Thomas Fire, which has claimed the life of a firefighter, also threatens the homes of stars such as Rob Lowe and Ellen DeGeneres, as well as Katy Perry's family
California's Thomas fire grows to fifth largest in history ...
California's Thomas fire grows to fifth largest in state history as celebrities evacuate. Actor Rob Lowe posted a video of his evacuation from his Santa Barbara home, showing the smoke that surrounds the area.
Floridians jam highways to flee Hurricane Irma - CNN
One issue with a mass evacuation is that Florida relies on two primary highways that go north and south: I-95 along the east coast and I-75 further west.
Bali Tourists Flood Instagram With Agung Volcano Photos | Time
Indonesian officials have said 150,000 people may have to evacuate in the wake of Mount Agung's eruption
Hurricane Irma to batter Trump's St Martin mansion | Daily ...
A host of celebrities could see their homes wrecked by Hurricane Irma as it smashes into the Caribbean. Mass evacuations are set to take place in the Florida Keys and the Caribbean after the hurricane - the size of France - was declared the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean ...
LA Wildfires: Celebrities React on Social Media – Variety
Chelsea Handler and Lea Michele are among those who had to evacuate due to wildfires raging across Los Angeles.
Why didn't Houston evacuate? - CNN
(CNN)Sunday morning, as Houston residents found themselves trapped on rooftops and wading through flooded streets with children riding on their shoulders, Mayor Sylvester Turner defended his decision not to order evacuations before the city was hit by torrential rain from Hurricane Harvey. Houston ...
Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi Evacuate Home 'Under ...
The Thomas fire is the biggest of six wildfires totally ravaging Southern California, covering over 230k acres to make it the fifth largest in the state's history! Tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate ...
Communication Breakdown On 9/11 - CBS News
A new report by the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks found that rescuers were forced to make rapid-fire, life-and-death decisions based on poor communications, contributing to the World Trade Center death toll. The report was issued Tuesday at the start of a hearing into the ...