Simon Halbig

Simon & Halbig was a doll manufacturer known for bisque doll heads with subtle colouring. They were based in Thuringen, the centre of the German doll industry. This is a very nice antique doll that has just come into our antiques mall. This antique German doll is marked Kammer & Reinhardt and Simon...

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Grandmas Attic Dolls - Page 13 ALL BISQUES 1
[ab1-3] 4.5" All Bisque Simon & Halbig, perfect pale bisque, blue glass eyes with painted upper and lower lashes and her original blonde braided mohair wig and original pate.
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Grandmas Attic Dolls - Page 9
[9-5] 15.5" Rare Simon & Halbig #1299 Character, fabulous bisque, brown sleep eyes, fabulous full dark blonde mohair wig and her original pate. She wears a beautiful antique pink wool and lace dress, antique slip and undies & handmade leather shoes.
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Simon steht für: . Simon (Vorname), ein männlicher Vorname Simon (Familienname), ein Familienname Simon & Halbig, 1869 in Gräfenhain gegründete Porzellanfabrik, Bisquitporzellankopf-Hersteller für Puppen
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look - special price - max handwerck in her original dress: heinrich handwerck beauty: carl horn tiny dolls in original outfits
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