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The best candidates to welcome Mankind and life as we know it… You can also count Kepler-452b now! (HD - 04/2015) FOLLOW THE HYBRID LIBRARIAN: ...

Lonely Planets: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life

David Grinspoon (Hardcover - Nov 4, 2003)


Aliens: The World's Leading Scientists on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Jim Al-Khalili (Hardcover - May 9, 2017)


Blue Planet Project - An Inquiry Into Alien Life Forms

Jefferson Souza, Gil Carlson, annonymous (Spiral-bound)


Aftershocks: Ice Planet Barbarians: A Slice of Life Short Story

Ruby Dixon


Strange New Worlds: The Search for Alien Planets and Life beyond Our Solar System

Ray Jayawardhana (Paperback - Apr 21, 2013)


Calm: Ice Planet Barbarians: A Slice of Life Short Story

Ruby Dixon


Having the Barbarian's Baby: Ice Planet Barbarians: A Slice of Life Short Story

Ruby Dixon


Ice Ice Babies: Ice Planet Barbarians: A Slice of Life Short Story

Ruby Dixon


Alien: Out of the Shadows (Novel#1)

Titan Books


All These Worlds Are Yours: The Scientific Search for Alien Life

Jon Willis (Hardcover - Aug 23, 2016)


Alien Proliferation (Alien Novels)

Gini Koch (Mass Market Paperback - Dec 6, 2011)


The Eerie Silence: Renewing Our Search for Alien Intelligence

Paul Davies (Paperback - Apr 13, 2011)




Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven (Aliens (Dark Horse))

Liam Sharp (Hardcover - Jan 3, 2012)


Alien Encounters

Chuck Missler, Mark Eastman (Paperback - Jul 1997)


Alien: River of Pain (Novel #3)

Christopher Golden (Mass Market Paperback - Nov 25, 2014)


Alien Legion Omnibus Volume 1

Alan Zelenetz (Paperback - Dec 1, 2009)


If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens ... WHERE IS EVERYBODY?: Fifty Solutions to the Fermi Paradox and the Problem of Extraterrestrial Life

Stephen Webb (Hardcover - Oct 4, 2002)


The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth

B. Branton (Paperback - Dec 7, 1999)


ALIEN EMERGENCIES: A Sector General Omnibus (Sector General Series)

James White (Paperback - Apr 20, 2002)


Alien life may already exist in our galaxy
The study found that a the rocky cores of some planets and moons emit radiation which break up ... and is planning to send a spaceship there to search for alien life. Lifeforms which have formed through radiolysis can be found closer to home.
'Styrofoam' Planet Discovery Will Help Us Find Habitable Planets and Alien Life
An artist's rendering of KELT-11b, an exoplanet with Styrofoam-like density. Credit: Walter Robinson/Lehigh University Since the largest exoplanets are the easiest to spot and study, it makes sense that distant worlds with large "puffy" atmospheres would ...
Planet Nomads Reaches Steam Early Access – New Sci-Fi in a Sandbox
Planet Nomads is a game that mimics the spirit of No Man ... Thus, you can explore diverse worlds with diverse environments and find all sorts of alien life. Build, survive, and thrive; each environment is unique and can prove challenging.
How Do Scientists Search for Extraterrestrial Life?
Stargazers among the ancient Greeks, Maya, Egyptians, Middle Easterners and Asians likely also pondered if there were other planets like ours among those ... how are scientists searching for signs of extraterrestrial life? For an alien-seeking scientist ...
Alien life could survive on likes of Pluto and Europa, scientists discover
Experts believe that any planet with a rocky core and water molecules – which there seems to be an abundance of in our solar system – has the potential to support life. A process known as radiolysis sees a small amount of radiation released from the ...
Alien Life On Proxima B Could Exist Because Of Potentially Stable Climate On Our Nearest Exoplanet
The star itself has since been found to be more sun-like than previously thought, and the planet too is thought to be of a similar size as Earth. Immediately after its discovery, speculation began about the existence of life on Proxima B, or at least the ...
Shaun Ryder: Earth is a 'watch planet' for aliens
Shaun Ryder thinks the Earth is an ''experimental watch planet'' for aliens. The Happy Mondays frontman has had a lifelong interest in all things extraterrestrial, and has now said he believes alien life ''watched'' the moon landing in 1966 and thinks the ...
This Is Mars: Take a journey to the surface of the Red Planet unlike anything you’ve experienced before
Take a journey to the surface of the Red Planet unlike anything you’ve ever seen before ... the extraordinary black and white images are a snapshot of desolation and extraterrestrial beauty, somewhat akin to microscopic imagery, but also exuding a ...
Exoplanet 4 Light Years Away Could Have Climate Right for Alien Life, Scientists Say
A planet orbiting our closest neighboring star “may well” have a climate right for alien life to emerge, a new scientific model indicates. Scientists discovered Proxima b, located 4.2 billion light years away—or 25 trillion miles— in August 2016.
Are Dwarf Planets the Key to Finding Alien Life?
The interest in alien life has been apparent for thousands of years, even back to the times of Greek philosophers like Epicurus and Democritus. Lucky for us, we have the advantage of having technology on our side which should, in theory, make things a ...
Newfound Alien Planet Is Best Place Yet to Search for Life
A newly discovered planet around a distant star may jump to the top of the list of places where scientists should go looking for alien life. The alien world known as ...
3 moons and a planet that could have alien life | James Green
Is there life beyond Earth? Join NASA's director of planetary science James Green for a survey of the places in our solar system that are most likely to harbor alien ...
Scientists discover yet another rocky planet that could ...
Astronomers have located another "super-Earth"—a rocky planet that could have the right stuff to host some kind of life. Read on.
A Nearby Rocky Planet Is the Newest Possible Home for ...
From Popular Mechanics. Astronomers have found yet another planet that seems to have just the right Goldilocks combination for life: Not so hot and not so ...
Found! Oldest Known Alien Planet That Might Support Life
Astronomers have discovered the oldest known alien world that may be capable of supporting life, and it's just a stone's throw away from Earth.
Scientists Discover Planet Which Could Be Our Best Bet at ...
Updated | A newly discovered planet sitting in a solar system just 39 light years away has been dubbed one of the best targets for finding alien life.
Dear Viewers, The video is called Alien Planet and shows how NASA would explore such a planet if found with their future space technology. It also gives ...
Scientists discover planet likely to comprise alien life ...
A newly discovered planet sitting in a solar system just 39 light years away has been dubbed one of the best targets for finding alien life, scientists have said.
Earth-like planet Kepler-1649 could host alien life ...
Astronomers have discovered an Earth-like planet just 219 light-years away which could be a major step forward in the search for alien life. This newly discovered ...
Blue Planet Project - Alien Technical Research 25
Westchester Camp Office of Central Research #3 from MetaTech Website. recovered through WayBackMachine Website . Alien Life Forms CODE: ARAMIS III ...