The Perseids are prolific meteor showers associated with the comet Swift–Tuttle. The Perseids are so called because the point from which they appear to hail (called the radiant) lies in the constellation Perseus.

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Perseids - Wikipedia
The Perseids / ˈ p ə r s iː ɪ d z / are prolific meteor showers associated with the comet Swift–Tuttle. The Perseids are so called because the point from which ...
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The Perseids meteor shower arises out of the debris of Comet Swift-Tuttle, which last made a pass by Earth in 1992.
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Another erroneous and misleading meme is going around about an August 12, 2017 meteor shower. Will it light up the whole sky? Be the best in 96 years? Sorry. No
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NameDate of PeakMoonQuadrantidsNight of January 2Sets around midnightLyridsNight of April 21Morning crescentEta AquaridsNight of May 5In view most of night
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The peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking now! According to NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke, the Perseids are perhaps the most popular meteor shower of the year ...
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