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The blogger known as Mosul Eye kept his identity a secret as he documented life in Mosul, Iraq under Islamic State rule. Now, he has revealed his identity in an interview with The Associated...

An undercover blogger lived a double ... - Business Insider
He stayed anonymous for more than three years, documenting Islamic State’s atrocities and the destruction of his city as the blogger Mosul Eye.
Iraq ousted ISIS, but 'Mosul can never be the same' - CNN
One year after the battle for Mosul began, ISIS has been ousted. But people who call the Iraqi city home say the return to normalcy will be long and laborious.
Blogger Who Secretly Documented Islamic State Crimes ...
"Mosul Eye," a self-described historian who recorded Islamic State crimes and helped get the information out, has revealed his real identity.
Mosul - Wikipedia
Storia Antichità. Identificata nei primi periodi islamici come capitale della regione del Diyār Rabīʿa (lett. "gli insediamenti della tribù araba dei Banū Rabīʿa"), Mosul è stata da taluni identificata con l'antico centro urbano di Μέψιλα (Mèpsila), citato da Senofonte, ma la cosa è tutt'altro che sicura, vista la diversa ...
ISIS fighters dress as women with make-up to flee Mosul ...
The Iraqi army is sharing photos of ISIS fighters trying to escape Mosul dressed as women, in full make-up, who have forgotten the key element of shaving off their beards and moustaches.
New Year's Eve fireworks in Mosul after ISIS defeat ...
From bombs and beheadings to fireworks: Mosul residents enjoy their first New Year's Eve celebration in years after being freed from ISIS rule
ISIS News, Opinion, and Analysis—The New Yorker | The New ...
In Mosul, now the epicenter of the offensive against ISIS, an anonymous blogger has been providing details about life under the caliphate.
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Eliot Ward Higgins (born January 1979), who previously used the pseudonym Brown Moses, is a British citizen journalist and blogger, known for using open sources and social media to investigate the Syrian Civil War, 2014–15 Russian military intervention in Ukraine and the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
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The Thomson Reuters Foundation stands for free, independent journalism, human rights, women's empowerment, and the rule of law.
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Today is Good Friday and the holiest of holy days, and in honour of Our Lord's Passion I have changed my blog's background image from the bright lights of London to a sombre black.