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Join Ben Affleck on World Refugee Day. Through the Gimme Shelter campaign, you can raise money and awareness for UNHCR emergencies. This campaign has support of the

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A Syrian Refugee Story - TIME
By the time Faez returned home that night from his job at a healthcare company, he had resolved to flee Syria. He talked it over with his wife, informed his mother, and then reached out online to an underground group known for smuggling Syrians into Jordan.
Finding Home: TIME Magazine's Refugee Baby Project
Since September 2016, TIME has been following three Syrian refugees as they prepared to give birth and raise a child in a foreign land. All of the women learned of their pregnancies on the road and none expected to deliver in a refugee camp, far from the homes they fled in Syria.
Arlington Refugee Resettlement: No Questions Answered, No ...
As we reported last week, a presentation on refugees was scheduled last night at the St. Ann Catholic Church in Arlington, Virginia.The event took place as planned. It was entitled “Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.:
Center for Humanitarian Health
The Battle of Mosul was one of the largest urban sieges since World War II. From October 2016 and July 2017, Iraqi and Kurdish forces fought to retake Iraq’s second largest city, which had fallen to ISIL in 2014.
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Microsoft increases European cloud investment to $3 ...
Microsoft increases European cloud investment to $3 billion, unveils cloud policy recommendations
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merkel-hit-by-german-citizens-backlash-as-her-anti-german ...
Merkel Hit By German Citizens Backlash As Her Anti - German, Pro - Immigration Policy Indtroduces Violence, Rape and Third World Lawlessness To Germny's Muslim Ghettos