Laptop Ban

The 2017 electronics ban refers to a controversial order issued by the United States government in March 2017 banning electronics beyond the size of a mobile phone on carry-on luggage for direct flights departing from 10 major airports in the Middle East and traveling to the United States, and requiring airlines to enforce this ban.

U.S. and European officials are meeting in Belgium to discuss a plan to ban laptops and other personal electronics in the passenger sections of certain flights. Logged On Laptop Bag - Straight Up Magic

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Why extending laptop ban makes no sense (opinion) - CNN
Extending the electronics travel ban will only exacerbate the divide between the haves and the have nots -- and without making us safer, writes Bruce Schneier.
Expanded U.S. laptop ban on flights could hit 4,000+ daily ...
Thousands of flights and hundreds of thousands of passengers will be affected every day if the United States extends its so-called laptop ban to all ...
US lifts laptop ban for all remaining airlines and ...
The U.S. has now lifted entirely a controversial ban on laptops in hand luggage for passengers flying to the country from the Middle East or via certain ...
UK laptop flight ban could be lifted this week | WIRED UK
Original Story: In March this year, the US and UK governments introduced an electronics and laptop ban on several airlines and destinations. Reports suggested this ...
How an Airplane Laptop Ban Would Expose Company Data to ...
To ban or not to ban laptops? Millions of global travelers are anxiously awaiting the answer to this question. Since the U.S. government received credible ...
U.S. expects to lift laptop ban soon for remaining flights ...
Passengers flying to the U.S. from foreign airports still affected by the electronics ban may soon be able to bring their laptops on board the plane. The ...
U.S. Ends Laptop Ban On Flights From Middle East -
The ban originally affected 10 airports and nine airlines, mostly Middle Eastern carriers. Meanwhile, the U.S. has issued additional security requirements ...
United States To End Laptop Ban - Travel Market Report
After months of speculation and rumors, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration has officially lifted its ban on passengers carrying electronics larger than a ...
Europe, airlines await word on new U.S. laptop ban - POLITICO
An expected expansion of the Trump administration’s laptop ban to include flights from Europe is causing heartburn among the travel industry and some European ...
That laptop ban may soon get a whole lot worse for plane ...
A U.S. official on Sunday suggested the government is considering imposing a cabin laptop ban for all flights in and out of the U.S.
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