Hitler's Warriors

Hitler's Warriors (German title: Hitlers Krieger) is a 1998 six-episode series of German historical documentaries first aired on Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, created by Guido Knopp and co-created by Jörg Müllner and Henry Kohler.

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  1. Manstein the Strategist
  2. Paulus, The Defector
  3. Nazi SS vs. Viet Cong
  4. Episode 3
  5. Hitler's Warriors
  6. The Warriors of World War II -- Adolf Hitler
  7. Hitler's Warrior: The Life and Wars of SS Colonel Jochen Peiper
  8. The Warriors of World War II: Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini
  9. Unlikely Warrior: A Jewish Soldier in Hitler's Army
  10. Hitler Youth German Soldier (1/35 model figure, Warriors 35627)
  11. War Of The Unknown Warriors Hitler Men Cool Hoody 3D Print
  12. War Of The Unknown Warriors Hitler Women's Skinny Yoga Pants
  13. Hitler's Warriors
  14. Hitler's Sky Warriors: German Paratroopers in Action 1939–1945 (Images of War)
  15. Scottish WWII Poster Refrigerator Magnet. War Bonds
  16. Invaders, The (2nd Series) #17 VG ; Marvel comic book
  17. Exposing the Third Reich: Colonel Truman Smith in Hitler's Germany (American Warriors Series)
  18. The Hitler Youth 1933–45 (Warrior)
  19. Warriors Miniatures--1/35 Scale German WW II Hitler Youth 1945--Resin Figure
  20. Warriors: Portraits from the Battle Field
  21. Hitler's Home Guard: Volkssturmman, Western Front, 1944 - 1945 (Warrior)
  22. Hitler's Gift: The True Story of the Scientists Expelled by the Nazi Regime
  23. Hitler's Warrior by Danny S. Parker (15-Jan-2015) Hardcover
  24. Hitler's Warriors. the Final Battle of Hitler's Private Bodyguard, 1944-45
  25. Unlikely Warrior: A Jewish Soldier in Hitler's Army by Georg Rauch (2015-02-24)
  26. The Warriors of World War II - Eisenhower, MacArthur, Patton and Hitler
  27. Warrior: The Legend Of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen
  28. Dead Men Talking: Collusion, Cover-Up and Murder in Northern Ireland's Dirty War
  29. WPA War Propaganda This Is Our War Join The WAAC Poster 12x18 inch
  30. Unlikely Warriors: The Extraordinary Story Of The Britons Who Fought In The Spanish Civil War
  31. Tales of Titans, Vol.3: Founding Fathers, Women Warriors & WWII
  32. 6508: Hitler Youth and the 12.Ss-Panzer-Division OHitlerjugendo 1933 - 1945 (Concord - Warrior Series)
  33. Dietrichs Warriors: The History of the 3. Kompanie 1st Panzergrenadier Regiment 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler in World War II
  34. Hitler's Warrior: The Life and Wars of SS Colonel Jochen Peiper by Parker Danny S. (2014-12-09) Hardcover
  35. Penguin Classics the Warrior's Life
  36. Hitler's Warriors
  37. Bertie Ahern Autobiography
  38. The Honor of Spies (Honor Bound)
  39. Hitler's Warrior: The Life and Wars of SS Colonel Jochen Peiper by Danny S. Parker (May 24,2016)
  40. Hitler's Sky Warriors: German Paratroopers in Action, 1939-45
  41. The History Buff's Guide to World War II: Top Ten Rankings of the Best, Worst, Largest, and Most Lethal People and Events of World War II (History Buff's Guides)
  42. The Day After Tomorrow
  43. To War with God: The Army Chaplain Who Lost His Faith
  44. For King and Country (SAS Operation)
  45. 2nd Holy Warrior (Visions)
  46. Desert Raiders (SAS Operation)
  47. Torn Apart: How Two Sisters Found Each Other After Sixty-Five Years
  48. The Plot Against America: A Novel
  49. Warriors of Death. The Final Battles of Hitler's Private Bodyguard 1944-45
  50. Hitler's Warriors by Guido Knopp (2005-07-15)
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