Hitler's Prisons

Hitler's Prisons: Legal Terror in Nazi Germany is a 2004 book by Nikolaus Wachsmann. Wachsmann is a modern European history professor.

During ww2 the nazis captured american G.I and forced them to work labor and in live in berga one of many concentration camps.Tony Acevedo a Mexican american was among the ones captured...

Hitler's Prisons

Nikolaus Wachsmann (Hardcover - Jun 10, 2004)


Hitler's Spy Chief: The Wilhelm Canaris Betrayal: The Intelligence Campaign Against Adolf Hitler

Richard Bassett (Paperback - Jul 1, 2013)


Unlikely Warrior: A Jewish Soldier in Hitler's Army

Georg Rauch (Paperback - Mar 15, 2016)


Hitler's War (The War That Came Early, Book One)

Harry Turtledove (Paperback - Jun 22, 2010)


The Dictators: Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia

Richard Overy Ph.D. (Paperback - Jan 17, 2006)


I Was Hitler's Prisoner; Leaves from a Prison Diary

Stefan (1901-1997) Lorant (Hardcover)


Ravensbruck: Life and Death in Hitler's Concentration Camp for Women

Sarah Helm (Hardcover - Mar 31, 2015)


Behind Hitler's Lines: The True Story of the Only Soldier to Fight for both America and the Soviet Union in World War II

Thomas H. Taylor (Mass Market Paperback - Jun 1, 2004)


Inside Nuremberg Prison: Hitler’s Henchmen Behind Bars & the German Jew

Helen Fry (Paperback - Jul 15, 2015)


Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess

Joseph P. Farrell (Paperback - Sep 18, 2017)


At Hitler's Side: The Memoirs of Hitler's Luftwaffe Adjutant 1937-1945 (Greenhill Book)

Nicolaus von Below (Paperback - Nov 30, 2010)


Spandau Phoenix: A Novel

Greg Iles (Mass Market Paperback - Apr 1, 1994)


After Hitler: The Last Ten Days of World War II in Europe

Michael Jones (Hardcover - Oct 6, 2015)


Hitler's SS: Portrait of Evil

John Shea, Bill Nighy, Lucy Gutteridge, David Warner (Amazon Video)


Warsaw Requiem (Zion Covenant)

Bodie Thoene, Brock Thoene (Paperback - Apr 1, 2005)


Hitler and His Generals: Military Conferences 1942-1945

Helmut Heiber, David Glantz (Hardcover - Sep 1, 2002)


Hitler's Generals in America: Nazi POWs and Allied Military Intelligence

Derek R. Mallett (Hardcover - Nov 20, 2013)


Five Years Behind Hitler's Barbed Wire: A Diary of French Officers in a German Prison Camp, 1940-1945

Henri Natter, Adam Refregier, Foreword by John B. Romeiser (Paperback - Oct 9, 2015)


The Secret War Against Hitler

William Casey (Hardcover - Apr 1, 1988)


1924: The Year That Made Hitler

Peter Ross Range (Hardcover - Jan 26, 2016)


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