Hitler's Generals On Trial

Hitler's Generals on Trial: The Last War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg is a 2010 book by Canadian historian Valerie Hébert dealing with the High Command Trial of 1947–1948. The book covers the criminal case against the defendants, all high-ranking officers of the armed forces of Nazi Germany, as well as the wider societal and historical implications of the trial.

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  1. Hitler's Generals on Trial: The Last War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg (Modern War Studies)
  2. Hitler on Trial: Alan Cranston, Mein Kampf, and The Court of World Opinion
  3. The Trial of Adolf Hitler: The Beer Hall Putsch and the Rise of Nazi Germany
  4. A Nation on Trial: The Goldhagen Thesis and Historical Truth
  5. Doctors from Hell: The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans
  6. Europe on Trial: The Story of Collaboration, Resistance, and Retribution during World War II
  7. In Time Of War: Hitler's Terrorist Attack On America
  8. We Will Not Be Silent: The White Rose Student Resistance Movement That Defied Adolf Hitler (Jane Addams Honor Book (Awards))
  9. Hitler's Forgotten Children: A True Story of the Lebensborn Program and One Woman's Search for Her Real Identity
  10. Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil
  11. Hitler's Munich Man: The Fall of Sir Admiral Barry Domvile
  12. Hitler, Stalin and I: An Oral History
  13. The Eichmann Trial (Jewish Encounters Series)
  14. The Fastest Man Alive: The True Story of Usain Bolt
  15. Human Rights after Hitler: The Lost History of Prosecuting Axis War Crimes
  16. East West Street: On the Origins of "Genocide" and "Crimes Against Humanity"
  17. The Nazi Hunters
  18. At the Heart of the Reich: The Secret Diary of Hitler’s Army Adjutant
  19. The Story of Nuremberg
  20. Nazi Germany (Idiot's Guides)
  21. The Nuremberg Interviews
  22. Goering: The Rise and Fall of the Notorious Nazi Leader
  23. Hitler's Soldier in the U.S. Army: An Unlikely Memoir of World War II (Alabama Fire Ant)
  24. Lying About Hitler: History, Holocaust Holocaust And The David Irving Trial
  25. The Witness House: Nazis and Holocaust Survivors Sharing a Villa during the Nuremberg Trials
  26. Hitler's First Victims: The Quest for Justice
  27. Letters from Nuremberg: My Father's Narrative of a Quest for Justice
  28. Operation Lucifer: The Trial of Adolf Hitler
  29. The Modern Day Trial of Adolf Hitler: Stage Play
  30. Trials of The Morning Star
  31. On Hitler's Mountain: Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood (P.S.)
  32. I Am On Earth:Hitler's On Trial
Wehrmacht - Wikipedia
The Wehrmacht's emblem, the straight-armed Balkenkreuz (beam-cross), a stylized version of the Iron Cross seen in varying proportions (first used in March 1918)
Adolf Hitler - Wikipedia
Hitler's father Alois Hitler Sr. (1837–1903) was the illegitimate child of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. The baptismal register did not show the name of his father, and Alois initially bore his mother's surname Schicklgruber.
Hitler’s Early Views On The Jews - A Critique | Real Jew News
AS WE EXPLORE a sampling of Hitler’s early views on the Jews, we shall discover striking parallels to conditions existing in our own day. Jewish propagandists would have us believe that Hitler’s unfavorable attitude toward Jewry was based solely on a “racial” hostility between Aryans and the ...
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Complete Histories - Hitler - Holocaust Gestapo/SS - Biographies Books by Germans - Military Topics. Hand selected, recommended books on Hitler's Germany chosen by The History Place and made available for instant purchase from!
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Hitler's Book Mein Kampf Is Published The History Place. A synopsis of Mein Kampf and details about its publication. Notes in the draft of Mein Kampf Takes you through a selection of comments written on the draft by Hitler.
Evans: David Irving, Hitler and Holocaust Denial ...
A central allegation made by Lipstadt against Irving in her book is that he has become a Holocaust denier (Denying the Holocaust, p. 111).He had, according to Lipstadt, 'long equated the actions of Hitler and Allied leaders, an equivalence that was made easier by his claims that the Final Solution took place without Hitler's knowledge' (p. 162).
Operation Barbarossa | European history |
Operation Barbarossa: Operation Barbarossa, during World War II, code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union, which was launched on June 22, 1941. The failure of German troops to defeat Soviet forces in the campaign signaled a crucial turning point in the war.
Adolf Hitler - History Learning Site
Hitler’s father was the illegitimate child of a cook named (Maria Anna) Schicklegruber. This cook, the grandmother of Adolf Hitler, was working for a Jewish family named Frankenberger, when she became pregnant.
Night of the Long Knives | Summary & Facts |
Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934. Thereupon the German generals agreed to the merging of the office of president of the Reich and supreme head of the armed forces with that of chancellor, in Hitler’s person.
Adolf Hitler - Wikiquote
I want war. To me all means will be right. My motto is not 'Don't, whatever you do, annoy the enemy'. My motto is 'Destroy him by all and any means.'