German Auxiliary Cruiser Pinguin

Pinguin was a German auxiliary cruiser (Hilfskreuzer) which served as a commerce raider in World War II.

video dedicated to the German Auxiliary Cruisers (Hilfskreuzern or Commerce Raiders) of World War Two and their commanders and crews. Photos and documents from all the 9 ships that took part...

Beware Raiders!

Pen and Sword


The German Auxiliary Cruiser Pinguin (Raider F)

Slawomir BrzeziƄski (Pamphlet)


Cruise of the raider HK-33

Jochen Brennecke (Hardcover)


Ghost cruiser H.K. 33;: Written with the co-operation of survivors, including Lieutenant Helmut Hanefeld, Assistant Ship's Surgeon Dr. Hasselmann and ... Neumeister. [Translated by Edward Fitzgerald]

Jochen Brennecke (Unknown Binding)

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