Equal Temperament

An equal temperament is a musical temperament, or a system of tuning, in which the frequency interval between every pair of adjacent notes has the same ratio.

(Or how we arrived at equal temperament) In this video I go over the history of western tuning methods and I overview some of the problems that arise with each ...

How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and Why You Should Care)

Ross W. Duffin (Paperback - Oct 17, 2008)


Temperament: How Music Became a Battleground for the Great Minds of Western Civilization

Stuart Isacoff (Paperback - Feb 4, 2003)


The Seventh Dragon: The Riddle Of Equal Temperament

Anita T. Sullivan (Paperback - May 15, 2005)


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By Ross W. Duffin - How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and Why You Should Care) (9/17/08)

Ross W. Duffin (Paperback - Sep 17, 2008)


Modern Organ Tuning: The How and Why? Clearly Explaining the Nature of the Organ Pipe and the System of Equal Temperament; Together With an Historic ... From the Greek Tetrachord (Classic Reprint)

Hermann Smith (Paperback - May 2, 2017)


Historical Tuning of Keyboard Instruments: Theory and Practice: Pythagorean Through Equal Temperament



Pitch notation and equal temperament: a formal study.

Eric. Regener (Unknown Binding)

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J. Murray Barbour (Paperback - May 20, 2004)


Music Equal Temperament

Dan Huynh (Paperback - Oct 5, 2012)


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Owen Jorgensen (Paperback)

Equal Intervalic Temperament: A System of Position Mapping for the Cello

John Andrew O'Keefe (Paperback - Jan 5, 2017)


Equal Intervalic Temperament: A System of Position Mapping on the Cello

John O'Keefe Publishing


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Anthony Osborne (Paperback - Jul 10, 2006)


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John Harrison (Paperback)

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How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony by Ross W Duffin (Oct 14 2008)



Theory Of Evolving Tonality (Da Capo Press music reprint series)

Joseph Yasser (Paperback - Apr 21, 1975)


EQUAL TEMPERAMENT MUSIC NOTATION the Allier-Brennink Chromatic Notation

Albert BRENNINK (Hardcover)


Equal Temperament Music Notation: The Ailler Brennink Chromatic Notation;

Albert Brennink (Hardcover)

The Equal Tempered Scale and Peculiarities of Piano Tuning
The Equal Tempered Scale and Some Peculiarities of Piano Tuning. Jim Campbell. The first skill to be learned by the musician sometimes involves tuning the instrument.
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here. Notice that the two 7-related thirds, 7/6 and 9/7, are at 267 cents and 435 cents - each of them about a third of a half-step away from 12-pitch equal temperament.
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Notice that we've moved considerably closer to equal temperament; no pitch is more than 12 cents off. The following perfect fifths are 3/2 ratios of 701.955 cents ...
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Equations for the Frequency Table The basic formula for the frequencies of the notes of the equal tempered scale is given by f n = f 0 * (a) n where f 0 = the ...
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In equal temperament, pairs of enharmonic notes such as A ♭ and G ♯ are thought of as being exactly the same note—however, as the above table indicates, in ...
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