Comparison Of Nazism And Stalinism

A number of authors have carried out comparisons of Nazism and Stalinism, in which they have considered the issues of whether the two ideologies were similar or different, how these conclusions affect understanding of 20th century history, what relationship existed between the two regimes, and why both of them came to prominence at the same time.

Some preliminary improvisation before the lecture 'Slavoj Zizek: What does it mean to be a great thinker today?'. Check out the full talk here:

Stalinism and Nazism: Dictatorships in Comparison

(Paperback - Apr 28, 1997)


Stalinism and Nazism: Dictatorships in Comparison by Kershaw. Ian ( 1997 ) Paperback



Nazism and Stalinism: A Suitable Case for Comparison

Edward Acton (Paperback - Dec 31, 1998)


Stalinism and Nazism: Dictatorships in Comparison (1997-04-28)

unknown (Paperback)


Stalinism and Nazism: Dictatorships in Comparison (1997-04-28)

Unknown (Hardcover)


Stalinism and Nazism: Dictatorships in Comparison (1997-04-28)

Unknown (Hardcover)


By Ian Kershaw - Stalinism and Nazism: Dictatorships in Comparison: 1st (first) Edition

(Paperback - Apr 28, 1996)


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