Coconut Crab

The coconut crab (Birgus latro) is a species of terrestrial hermit crab, also known as the robber crab or palm thief.

Crushed by Giant COCONUT CRAB. Holy moly, look at what a giant coconut crab could do. The pincers are strong enough to destroy stuffs. Random Vlog ▻

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Coconut crab - Wikipedia
The coconut crab (Birgus latro) is a species of terrestrial hermit crab, also known as the robber crab or palm thief. It is the largest land-living arthropod in the ...
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Coconut crabs are the Titans among crabs – huge in size and fearsome in appearance. Yet the largest crab on land is ultimately more endangered than it is a danger ...
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The coconut crab (Birgus latro) is a type of land hermit crab with a spectacular appearance and intriguing biology. Able to grow t...
Giant Invasive Crab Caught Walking Down The Street In ...
Coconut crabs can grow as big as a trash can, as this one reportedly did outside a construction site. While coconut crabs aren’t allowed in Hawaii today ...
Coconut Crab's Pinch Is Strongest in the World - Live Science
Coconut crabs have the strongest pinch per body weight of any crustacean, even beating out all animals except for alligators.
Coconut Crab -
[Collected via e-mail, February 2009] COCONUT CRABS. The coconut crab is a large edible land crab related to the hermit crab and are found in the tropical ...
Real Monstrosities: Coconut Crab
The first and most obvious thing about coconut crabs is that they are really big. They also come in a wide variety of beautiful colours with a stripy, dappled pattern ...
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The Coconut Crab is native to most of the Indo-pacific islands and is the largest living arthropod in the world today. Generally a nocturnal creature the
Giant coconut crab sneaks up on a sleeping bird and kills ...
Coconut crabs were thought to be purely opportunistic scavengers, but these huge arthropods are actually active predators that may dominate their island homes
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