Cigarette Lighter Receptacle

The cigarette lighter receptacle (also called a cigar lighter receptacle or cigar lighter socket) in an automobile was initially designed to power an electrically heated cigarette lighter, but became a de facto standard DC connector to supply electrical power for portable accessories used in or near an automobile.

1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ Pioneer Renix 4.6L I6 AW4 NP231 6" RE Lift 35"x12.5" KM2s 150W 12V Outlet: ...

Marine Grade Cigarette Lighter Socket 12 VDC

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BANDC Waterproof Marine Motorcycle ATV Rv Lighter Socket Power Outlet Socket Receptacle 12v Plug



NOCO GC018 12V Plug Socket with Eyelet Terminal



Custom Accessories 49997 12V Dual Cigarette Lighter Receptacle

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Cigarette Lighter Socket

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BreaDeep Motorcycle Marine Waterproof 2 Way Car Cigarette Lighter Socket & Dual USB Charging Port Power Adapter Outlet 12V-24V Universal



Custom Accessories 10241 Auxiliary Power Outlet

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NOCO GC020 12V 2-Way Splitter



Battery Tender 081-0069-8 Female Cigarette Adaptor for Quick Disconnect

Battery Tender


FENGWANGLI Marine Grade Cigarette Lighter Socket 12 VDC Flush Mount With Wire



Custom Accessories 10242 Auxiliary Twin Power Outlet

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BreaDeep 3 Way Waterproof & Dustproof Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Motorcycle Marine 12V Power Outlet Adapter Three-hole Panel (Black)



Marine Grade Locking Cigarette Lighter Plug 12 VDC

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General Motors, RECEPTACLE, 25776667

General Motors


LEDGlow 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter



DICOCO Universal Waterproof 12-24V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Power Outle for Marine Motorcycle (Black)



Genuine GM 11516142 Cigarette Lighter Receptacle



niceEshop(TM) Marine Motorcycle Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Power Outlet(Black)



Marine Grade Waterproof Accessory Lighter Socket Power Outlet Recepticle 12 Volt with Sealing Washer Boats, Motorcycle, Atv, Auto #R#



Bright Charge! - Rapid 2.4 Amp MFI Apple Certified Dual USB Port Car Charger - For Iphone 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, Iphone 5, 5s, 5c - White

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Day One Mods: Ram Dash Cam Edition
Since I suck at reading wiring diagrams and don’t feel like splicing into my Ram’s harnesses, I’m just going to use the plentiful power outlets (one round ‘cigarette lighter’ outlet and power-only USB in the dash, and another similar setup ...
Review: Unitek Aluminum Car Charger for Front and Backseat Charging
This car charger from Unitek does the trick. Essentially, you plug the charger into the car’s cigarette lighter outlet (do they still call them that?) just like you would for any other charging system, but this one offers an extension that delivers three ...
How do you connect the loose wire to a cable to plug into a car
Dixie Ramirez sounds to me like it is possible that those are your power cables. They most likely do not have the "cigarette type plug on it since some users connect their CB right to the battery. Here is some good information about the hookup:" When ...
The Best Dash Warning Lights For Your Emergency Vehicle
They are also easy to power; all that you need is a cigarette lighter plug with power switch. The next bestseller on the light is our UBL dual dash light, which is a small and lightweight LED dash light that can be easily mounted to the windshield with ...
Car and rv lunch box with 12 volt powered stove
Ideal For Heating Baby Bottles For Moms On The Go POWERED BY 12V OUTLET – Plugs Into Your Vehicle’s Cigarette Lighter Or Any Auxiliary 12-Volt Outlet; Allows You To Cook Anywhere You Can Take Your Car VERSATILE COOKING & WARMING – Warm Baby Bottles ...
How to solar-charge a MacBook in the UK
Here's the first reality shock when solar-charging gadgets and laptops: you shouldn't just plug them directly ... and you get a car cigarette-socket cable to charge the battery on the move, plus a cigarette-lighter-sized socket for attaching devices ...
Ultimate Family Camping Product Guide 2017
Campingaz Powerbox Plus 24l electric cooler. You can plug it into mains at home, or when camping you can plug it into a cigarette lighter in the car, and it has safety measures so it won’t drain your car battery. The cooler can keep contents chilled to ...
Cigarette lighter receptacle problems
Here is one connector I don’t like and sometimes hate: The cigarette lighter receptacle in an automobile, initially designed to power an electrically heated cigarette lighter. It has became a de-facto standard DC connector to supply electrical power for ...
Why Does My Cigarette Lighter Fuse Keep Blowing?
in the device you’re trying to plug in, or even in the cigarette lighter wiring. The only way to fix it so that your cigarette lighter fuse stops blowing is to check each possible point of failure until you identify the issue. But whatever you do ...
Car Cigarette Lighter Socket and Cigarette Lighter Receptacle
Car Cigarette Lighter Socket is a socket and designed to work as coil lighter. Now the wide usage of Car Cigarette Lighter Socket is to use it as a power port. Car Cigarette Lighter Socket has a standard (SAE J563) which specifies the polarity and ...
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The cigarette lighter receptacle (also called a cigar lighter receptacle or cigar lighter socket) in an automobile was initially designed to power an electrically ...
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The car cigarette lighter may not see much use as a lighter anymore, but it still has a place in our dashboards as a de facto 12V power outlet.
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A lighter is a portable device used to create a flame, and to ignite a variety of combustible materials, such as cigars, gas stoves, fireworks, candles, or cigarettes.
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This complete kit is designed as a direct replacement for stock fairing mounted 12V accessory outlet. Kit includes heat-resistant fairing mounted receptacle, short ...
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Cigarette lighter jump starters aren't really jump starters at all, but whether they actually work is a different question.
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LEDGlow's Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter lets you to easily power any of our LED lighting kits directly from your vehicle's cigarette lighter receptacle.
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This Marine Grade Cigarette Lighter 12VDC Socket is perfect for boats, which vibrate and bounce due to rough water. Simply line up the tabs on the plug with the ...
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How to repair your Volkswagen Cigarette Lighter Output.
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Is your phone charger on the fritz? A quick test of your car's cigarette lighter or 12V accessory socket can rule out the power source as the culprit.