Brahma Chicken

The Brahma is a large breed of chicken developed in the United States from very large birds imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai.

Watch Part 1: Two Magnificent Brahma Chicken Roosters Strutting Majestically Together. Subscribe us: ...

The Brahma Fowl (Chicken Breeds) (Volume 2)

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Brahma and Cochin Chickens: Chicken Breeds Book 20 (Volume 20)

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The Light Brahma Chickens (The Light Brahma Fowls): From the Shell to the Poultry Show and Exhibition Room

H. H. Stoddard (Paperback - Jun 25, 2017)


Brahma and Cochin Chickens: Chicken Breeds Book 20 (Volume 20) by L. C. Norris-Elye (2016-05-20)



The Brahma Fowl (Chicken Breeds) (Volume 2) by Lewis Wright (2015-07-26)

Lewis Wright (Paperback)


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The Asiatics: Brahmas, Cochins and Langshans: Chicken Breeds Book 17 (Volume 17) by A. F. Hunter (2016-05-12)

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Black and White APA Standard Illustrations (Identification Book of Body Types of Chicken Breeds - Photo Book. Plymouth Rock, Brahma, Single Comb Leghorn, Bantam, ...)

Burgess, Graham and Sewell Schilling, American Poultry Association (Paperback)

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Wyandotte Chickens: A Top Backyard Choice
I am such a fan of the White Rock that I added more of them to my flock this year. I recently wrote specifically about the Brahma chicken breed. Striking in their size and the beautiful feather patterns, the Brahmas are one of the largest breeds of ...
Raising Light Brahma Chickens
I have been raising chickens for over five years and have worked with many breeds of poultry. Most people start out in search of a good egg layer and think nothing about the personalities of the chicken. It was the same with me. My husband brought home ...
What the Cluck? Yes, that’s a Brahma Chicken
Have you seen a Brahma Chicken? We’re guessing you’ve never really thought about the best chicken breed to raise in your backyard, right? From laying eggs to tender meat, the Brahma chicken was once the American choice. These chickens can grow anywhere ...
Brahma Chicken Facts: Size, Nutrition Value, Price And Where To Buy – Details
The Brahma chicken is considered the largest breed, often referred to as the ‘King of All Poultry.’ It is much appreciated due to its large size, strength, and vigor. The Brahma, together with the Cochin, became an obsession in America and England in ...
Video Of Giant Brahma Chicken Takes The Internet By Storm
A video showing a gigantic chicken coming out of his coop has set the internet on fire. On Sunday morning, a user named @LifesBook_Ceo shared a video on his Twitter handle. The video, which has been embedded below, shows a ginormous chicken casually ...
What the Fluff? Giant Chicken Is a Creature of Dreams (or Nightmares)
Let’s just say the PEOPLE Pets editors know the feeling. And in that spirit, we’d like to introduce you to the Brahma chicken. See above, but fair warning — young children, and even impressionable adults — might be disturbed by this large and ...
The Internet is freaking out over this giant chicken
In the case of this monster fowl, several Twitter users have deduced it's a Brahma chicken. Females weigh as much as 14 pounds, while the males can weigh up to 18 pounds, according to The Livestock Conservancy, an organization focused on animal conservation.
That massive, viral chicken would have seemed totally normal to Americans before the age of factory farming
The bird has quickly been identified by viewers as a brahma chicken. While some call the animal “terrifying,” the bird used to be much more common before the advent of industrial farming, and it’s pretty good-natured too. The video was first posted ...
Raising Brahma Chickens in Saigon
The colorful feathers give initial impressions of the “giant” roosters of the Brahma breed, which have, in recent years, been raised in a number of chicken farms in Ho Chi Minh City. They are called “the King of all chickens” and sold to many pet ...
Brahma Chicken - Characteristics
The Brahma chicken gets its name from the Brahmaputra region of India, where they were known as 'grey Chittagongs'. They were first taken to the United States then exported to Britain somewhere during the mid 1800s. Brahmas are represented in the first ...
Brahma | BackYard Chickens
The Brahma is an Asiatic breed of chicken. The first Brahmas were brought to the United States in...
Chicken Breeds - Brahma
Chicken Breed Information - Brahma - Brahmas are gentle giants with feathered legs and feet and profuse, fluffy feathering. Originally from India, these birds were ...
Brahma chicken - Wikipedia
The Brahma is a large breed of chicken developed in the United States from very large birds imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai. The Brahma was the principal ...
Brahma chicken - The Livestock Conservancy
The Livestock Conservancy works to protect livestock and poultry from extinction including asses, cattle, goats, horses, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese ...
Brahma For Sale | Chickens | Breed Information | Omlet
Brahmas arrived in the UK around 1840-1850. The name Brahma comes from the river Brahmaputra in India although the species was created in America from large feather ...
The Internet is freaking out over this giant Brahma chicken
The Internet is freaking out over this giant chicken. It's called a Brahma chicken, and it is huge.
The Brahma Chicken - Raising a Large Breed - Countryside ...
Brahma chicken raising. What is different with raising a large breed heavily feathered chicken? Is the Brahma chicken right for you?
Brahma Chickens - Poultry Keeper - Poultry keeping at home ...
Photos and breed information for Brahma Chickens, a large, stately breed with feathered feet, found mostly in dark, light and buff columbian varieties
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