Brahma Chicken

The Brahma is a large breed of chicken developed in the United States from very large birds imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai.

The Brahma chicken: The Brahma is a large breed of chicken developed in the United States from very large birds imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai.

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This Brahma Rooster Chicken is Real!
The internet went wild after video of a giant chicken exiting a coop appeared on Facebook several days ago. The chicken, identified as a Brahma chicken, is huge and it basically melts out of it’s enclosure and into the yard like a mutant species ready to ...
WATCH: This giant chicken is ruffling feathers all over the internet
"It's an example of a real breed called the Brahma chicken," Emily Lhamon, a poultry health educator for Penn State Extension, told TODAY. "I'm short, and these birds come up tall on me," Lhamon said, noting that most males top out at 2½ to 3 feet ...
Fowl Play? Nope, Giant Chicken in Viral Video Is Real
Handsome Brahma chickens are larger than many other types of chickens, and were likely the breed recently featured in a viral internet video. Credit: Stefan Petru Andronache/Shutterstock Video footage of what appeared to be an exceptionally large chicken ...
The Big Chicken in that video is a Heritage Breed Brahma Chicken
“The chicken in that video is a Heritage Breed Brahma chicken,” confirmed The Livestock Conservancy in a Facebook post Monday afternoon. If you logged on to Twitter over the weekend, there’s a good chance you saw a “Big chicken” stroll across ...
Viral Big Chicken Video Isn’t a Fake, But Footage Has Left Some Terrified
The rooster in question has all of the characteristics of a Brahma chicken, a large breed of chicken cultivated in the U.S., according to the Livestock Conservancy, which confirmed the video’s authenticity on Monday. For a while, at the turn of the 20th ...
11 questions your kids might ask about THAT giant chicken
While the giant chicken caused some people to be scared and horrified, the Brahma is actually a placid breed. Photo: Fitim Sejfijaj By now you may have seen the viral video of the gigantic chicken emerging from its coop (and thought to yourself "What is ...
Here's the full story behind the video of an enormous chicken that's going viral
The chicken is not a person in a costume. Nor it is a feathery dog. It appears to be a Brahma chicken, a type of breed that was developed in the 1800s in the United States from chickens imported from China. Males have weighed as much as 18.25 pounds ...
The Big Chicken Taking Over The Internet Isn’t Fake News
As it turns out, the chicken is actually a rooster from the Brahma chicken family, a breed curated by the U.S. with imports from Shanghai. Merkali’s size was a standard before the method of quick breeding by industrial farms in the 1930’s.
Science headlines this week so far
A video of a larger-than-average chicken shook up Twitter this week, with many people calling fowl on the size of the bird. However, the Brahma chicken is a type of domestic chicken that does grow much bigger than most birds. Brahma chickens can weigh up ...
White Chicken Pokes Head Out Of Green Coop, But His Giant Feathers Steal The Show
In the video, a chicken pokes his head out of a coop, then heaves his body out of the hole. His body and feathers are absolutely stunning — and that’s not to mention his absolutely gigantic size! The animal, named Merakli, is a Brahma chicken ...
Chicken Breeds - Brahma
Chicken Breed Information - Brahma - Brahmas are gentle giants with feathered legs and feet and profuse, fluffy feathering. Originally from India, these birds were ...
Brahma chicken - Wikipedia
The Brahma is a large breed of chicken developed in the United States from very large birds imported from the Chinese port of Shanghai. The Brahma was the ...
The Internet is freaking out over this giant Brahma chicken
The Internet is freaking out over this giant chicken. It's called a Brahma chicken, and it is huge.
Brahma - BackYard Chickens
5/23/14: I LOVE my dark brahma's! I would like to get some blues, but probably never going to happen, at least in my area. They're the first breed of chicken that I ...
Brahma chicken - The Livestock Conservancy
Often referred to as the “King of All Poultry”, the Brahma chicken is appreciated for its great size, strength, and vigor. By 1901 some individual birds were ...
Brahma Chickens The King Of Chickens | Breed Information
Brahma Chickens are a large majestic fowl which are easily tamed and a super addition to any backyard flock. Discover more about Brahma Chooks here.
Brahma For Sale | Chickens | Breed Information | Omlet
Brahmas arrived in the UK around 1840-1850. The name Brahma comes from the river Brahmaputra in India although the species was created in America from large feather ...
Brahma Chickens
Brahma chickens are one of the largest breeds of chicken and they are also good winter layers of brown eggs.
Light Brahma Chickens - Baby Chicks | Cackle Hatchery
Light Brahma Chickens make ideal pets, as they are quiet, gentle, & easy to handle - Shop Cackle Hatchery for these & other Brown Egg-Laying Chickens!
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Light Brahmas As a reminder, to help ensure a ... Options for Starting your own Flock of Chickens; Keep Your Chickens Healthy and Producing During Winter Months;