Black Hole Information Paradox

The black hole information paradox is a puzzle resulting from the combination of quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Black holes are scary things. But they also might reveal the true nature of the universe to us. This video was funded by SNSF under Agora Grant n. 171622 and through the NCCR SwissMAP: The...

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Black hole information paradox - Wikipedia
The black hole information paradox is a puzzle resulting from the combination of quantum mechanics and general relativity. Calculations suggest that physical information could permanently disappear in a black hole, allowing many physical states to devolve into the same state.
The Black Hole Information Paradox, Stephen Hawking's ...
The black hole information paradox, however, is that all the information that was imprinted on the event horizon of the black hole, once it evaporates, has left no trace in our observable Universe.
What is the Black Hole Information Paradox? - Universe Today
Black holes don’t evaporate at all, and Hawking was wrong. Information within the black hole somehow leaks back out while Hawking radiation is escaping. The black hole holds it all in until the very end, and as the final two particles evaporate, all the information is suddenly released back into the Universe.
The black hole information paradox - Department of Physics
Lecture 4.1 and 4.2: We will spend these lectures in debating 10 leading misconceptions about black holes and the information paradox. It is remarkable that this 30 year old problem is so poorly understood.
Superconductors may shed light on the black hole ...
That fact implies a conundrum known as the black hole information paradox (SN: 5/31/14, p. 16): When the black hole evaporates, where does the information go?
What is the black hole information paradox? -
An artist’s representation showing outflow from a supermassive black hole inside the middle of a galaxy. Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss And maybe, physicists will never figure it out. Hawking recently proposed a new idea to resolve the black hole information paradox.
Stephen Hawking just published a new solution to the black ...
Hawking has been arguing on the 'hair' side for years, and is now saying that it can solve the black hole information paradox. "I propose that the information is stored not in the interior of the black hole as one might expect, but on its boundary, the event horizon," Hawking said at a conference back in August 2015.
What is the black hole information paradox? - Quora
The black hole information paradox is about how quantum information is seemingly lost in a black hole, with the process of Hawking radiation. Quantum information: In quantum mechanics, the evolution of a quantum wavefunction over time, is both 'r...
New Wormhole Could Resolve the Black Hole Information ...
John Preskill, a black hole and quantum gravity expert at Caltech, says the new traversable wormhole comes as a surprise, with implications for the black hole information paradox and black hole interiors.
Why The Black Hole Information Paradox Is Such A Problem
This is a huge problem for physics, because that type of quantum information that went into the black hole is supposed to be one of those quantities that’s fundamentally conserved. But what comes out of that black hole — that thermal, blackbody radiation — contains none of that extra information! So that’s what the paradox is.