Black Hole Double Burp

Massive eruptions emanating from a gigantic black hole have been observed by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Massive eruptions emanating from a gigantic black hole have been observed by...

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Monster Black Hole Unleashes Messy Double 'Burp'
The giant black hole at the center of a distant galaxy has been spotted taking in gas and letting out two mighty "burps" of high-energy particles, lending support to the theory that such galactic cores go through cycles of messy activity.
Huge black hole blasts out 'double burp' - BBC News
A massive black hole is seen to eject streams of high-energy particles after bingeing on hot gas.
Supermassive black hole emits a ferocious ‘double burp ...
Researchers from Nasa and the University of Colorado at Boulder have detected a distant supermassive black hole burping twice after engulfing a cloud of hot cosmic gas.
A Black Hole 'Double Burps' - D-brief
To the north of the black hole, astronomers saw a shock wave propagating through the gas from the black hole, already at a distance of 3,000 light-years from the black hole.
How Does a Black Hole Burp? Belching Supermassive Black ...
Double Belch. Scientists have seen black holes burp like this before. What’s special about this new image is the fact it reveals two belches. About 100,000 years after the first burp, the black hole, which sits in the J1354 galaxy 800 million light years away, spewed out a second.
Rare glimpse of a black hole's magnetic field could help ...
Astronomy & Space; Astronomy; December 8, 2017; Rare glimpse of a black hole's magnetic field could help us to understand how it feeds December 8, 2017 by Carole Mundell, The Conversation
Black Holes News -- ScienceDaily
Black Holes in Space. Read science articles on colliding supermassive black holes, simulated gravitational waves of a black hole, black hole theory and more.
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