Black Hole Complementarity

Black hole complementarity is a conjectured solution to the black hole information paradox, proposed by Leonard Susskind and Larus Thorlacius, and Gerard 't Hooft.

Strings 2012 The Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics (ASC) was founded on November 5, 2004 and inaugurated on January 19, 2005. The Arnold Sommerfeld Center (ASC) is an international...

  1. Black Hole Unitarity: Conservation of the Circle
  2. Application of New Cybernetics in Physics
Black hole - Wikipedia
A black hole is a region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it.
Black hole thermodynamics - Wikipedia
In physics, black hole thermodynamics is the area of study that seeks to reconcile the laws of thermodynamics with the existence of black-hole event horizons.As the study of the statistical mechanics of black-body radiation led to the advent of the theory of quantum mechanics, the effort to understand the statistical mechanics of black holes ...
Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole Paradox Keeps Physicists ...
And bet they did. In 1991, Hawking and Kip Thorne bet Preskill that information that falls into a black hole gets destroyed and can never be retrieved. Called the black hole information paradox, this prospect follows from Hawking’s landmark 1974 discovery about black holes — regions of inescapable gravity, where space-time curves steeply ...
How Fuzzballs Solve the Black Hole Firewall Paradox ...
Missing Entropy. Mathur’s work grew out of attempts to calculate the quantum properties of a black hole, as well as an ongoing struggle to resolve a paradox about what happens to information that falls into one.
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LAST ABSTRACTS [ACL 56] Aoudia S., SPALLICCI A.D.A.M., 2011. A source-free integration method for black hole perturbations and self-force computation: Radial fall, Phys. Rev. D, 83, 064029.
一对纠缠态的光子,其中一个落入黑洞,另一个应该是什么现象?仍然能保持纠缠态吗? - 知乎
这是基础物理最前沿最热门的问题之一。 Black hole complementarity 孩子你骨骼惊奇,跟我入坑物理吧。。。
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