Black Hole (comics)

Black Hole is a twelve-issue comic book limited series written and illustrated by Charles Burns and published first by Kitchen Sink Press, then Fantagraphics.

English professor Jesse Molesworth gives a two-minute lecture on the themes of Black Hole by Charles Burns. The twelve-issue, limited edition comic book series deals with the aftermath of a...

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  21. the black hole
  22. Monologues for Calculating the Destiny of Black Holes
  23. Don't Be An Asshole!: Creating a Better World through Self Awareness, Common Sense and Decency.
  24. Journey to the Center of My Butthole (Gay-Mann's Gigglers) (Volume 1)
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  26. The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology
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  30. The Incredible Hulk #271 (Now Somewhere in the Black Holes of Sirius Major There Lived A Young Boy Name of ...ROCKET RACCOON!)
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  43. RABBIT HOLE COMICS - orphan show clone - Mens Cotton T-Shirt, M, Black
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