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an Trodai: Conall

an Trodai: Conall


eBooks · John Breen Wren

Item Details
Historical Fiction
Book 3 of the 'an Trodai' trilogy.
The Battle of Beach Lechta in 978 has given the crown of Munster to Brian mac Cennetig and cost the life of Laoghaire mac Daigh. Laoghaire leaves behind a pregnant wife, Deirdre and two children, Muirin and Earnan. The new King, Brian honors his old friend by sending his son, Murchad to deliver a purse of copper, silver and gold to sustain Deirdre and her children.
Born on a cold November night as a wolf howls in a nearby wood, Deirdre's new baby, bigger than her first two, screams his way into the world. Looking at her new son, Deirdre hears the wolf in the distance and honors the beast, naming her new son, Conall.
As the boy grows to a man, Conall and his brother Earnan begin to learn the use of weapons from a Dal gCais warrior and face their first combat before they are fully grown. The boys are drawn to the life of a warrior as their father and grandfather were. They feel a loyalty to the King, Brian and join Deaglan, their mentor becoming part of Brian's army.
Conall is a true warrior, a large man, called a giant by some and known to be a ferocious fighter with both his axe and sword. His size and skill with his weapons combined with a temper frighten friend and foe alike as he becomes known across the island. A great warrior, but a man with questions about what he does. A man who knows peace, battle, anger, loss, then peace again. The cycle continues as he fights under the banner of a king who unites his nation and after the death of the king, Conall rises to lead his family, his tribe through difficult times and establishes a clan that will endure.

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