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Kathmandu's Natural Dog Chew, Ideal for indoor & outdoor use, Long-lasting fun, Odorless, Splinterless, From the pristine himalayan foothill, Proudly packaged in Georgia USA

Kathmandu's Dog Chew, 1 lb bag, 4 count, Large/XLarge

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Item Details
  • SMOKED HARD CHEESE BASED EDIBLE LONG LASTING CHEW - made with 100% pasture-raised himalayan cow milk using the authentic ancient recipe (ancient himalyan people used such treat as protein supplemental chew). It lasts from few hours to days depending on your dog's chewing habit. A single piece can be given incrementally for several days. CONTAINS four chews between 3.5 and 5.5 Oz, Net wt One pound
  • NO PRESERVATIVES or ADDED SALT - Naturally prepared with 100% himalayan cow milk and a trace amount of lime juice. No added salt or foreign chemical additives/preservatives.
  • NATURALLY LOW ODOR - Releases dog's favorite mild smokey odor during chewing, otherwise no odor.
  • GRAIN FREE, HIGH PROTEIN, & LOW FAT - No grains or other foreign ingredients. It is loaded with digestible protein (>50%) and has very low-fat content.
  • DENTAL HEALTH plus BONUS FUN - Longlasting edible chew with zero sugar and acid contents are best for canine's dental health. Also, microwave a leftover piece for 30 - 60 seconds to make a puffy nugget. Let it cool for few minutes before feeding to your dog. It is CRUNCHY, and your dog LOVES it!
Kathmandu's Natural Dog Chew is a smoked hard cheese treat produced with 100% pasture-raised himalayan cow milk and a trace amount of lime juice. The smaller variant of this hard cheese locally known as "Churpi" is used as a protein supplemental human treat in Nepal and Tibet and is free of chemical preservatives and foreign additives. Kathmandu's chew is a larger variant of the Churpi that keeps your dog happy and busy for hours. Best when you need to keep your dog busy indoor or outdoor - spend your precious time with your family and friends while your pooch is busy enjoying Kathmandu's dog chew. No need to worry about the dog food smell - has mild smoked flavor, otherwise no odor.
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