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Destiny (Experimental Heart Book 1)

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eBooks · Shannon Pemrick

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"...Do you know what it's like to kill without regret?"

Designed to be an emotionless tool of war, Eira only knows one thing in life--death. Desiring more, she's labeled a failure, forcing her to run.

"...Do you know what it's like to kill without being able to feel?"

Although destiny has other plans. A fateful mistake throws her in the path of a mysterious dragon, who makes an offer that's difficult to refuse. Accept his help to gain her desired freedom or keep running with an eye over her shoulder.

"...Do you know what it's like to live in hell?"

Eira knows better than to trust anyone, but could he be an exception?

"...Didn't think so..."

Book 1 in the Experimental Heart Series. Books are designed to be read in order.
Revised in 2018 and re-released

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