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The Ivy Nash Thrillers: Books 4-6: Redemption Thriller Series 10-12 (Redemption Thriller Series Box Set)

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eBooks · John W. Mefford

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Kidnapping, betrayals, and cover-ups.

Can Ivy survive one attack after another?

Or, in the end, will evil finally win out?

You can find out by reading the three heart-stopping Ivy Nash thrillers.

Break IN
The unthinkable happens. And a grandfather grieves.

Ivy sees his pain, feels his pain, but she can't connect the dots.

How can Ivy possibly locate the missing kids?

A community comes together to fight back. Yet, the battle is useless against an invisible foe.

But Ivy knows the scent of a predator.

Can anything prepare her for the fun house?

A terror unlike any other.

Is clinging to life worth the hell that she will pay?

IN Control
Sometimes even the truth can kill.

But can murder ever be justified?

Kids are plucked from their homes seemingly at random.

Is there any way it could all be a ruse?

A friend's father asks Ivy to do the unthinkable. Will she turn a blind eye?

It's a twisted hairball of kidnappings, betrayals, and cover-ups.

How can Ivy separate reality from a smokescreen of falsehoods?

With the life of her friend's son hanging in the balance, Ivy can't fail. The clock is ticking…

IN The End
A generation has lost its way. And no one will sin without retribution.

Parents are crushed after their daughter is ripped from their lives. Ivy chases every lead, but the fog of deception is deep.

So very deep.

For mankind, the end is near. How many sacrifices will it take before the cataclysmic events can't be stopped?

It was supposed to be a confession. Instead, it became a statement of conviction -- to Satan.

Will Ivy be able to stop a demonic killer?

It's one woman's pledge to save a generation from a fanatical psychopath.

It's one man's path to claim his destiny.

Can Ivy possibly back away from the threat?

He believes Ivy has sinned. And it is time for her life to end…just like all the others.

Get the next three Ivy Nash novels now!

Redemption Thriller Series
*Suggested to read the books in the following order:
Alex Troutt Thrillers:
Alex Troutt Thrillers: Books 1-3 (RTS #1-3)
Alex Troutt Thrillers: Books 4-6 (RTS #4-6)
AT Bay - RTS #1
AT Large - RTS #2
AT Once - RTS #3
AT Dawn - RTS #4
AT Dusk - RTS #5
AT Last - RTS #6

Ivy Nash Thrillers:
Ivy Nash Thrillers: Books 1-3 (RTS #7-9)
Ivy Nash Thrillers: Books 4-6 (RTS #10-12)
IN Defiance - RTS #7
IN Pursuit - RTS #8
IN Doubt - RTS #9
Break IN - RTS #10
IN Control - RTS #11
IN The End - RTS #12

Ozzie Novak Thrillers:
Ozzie Novak Thrillers: Books 1-3 (RTS #13-15)
Ozzie Novak Thrillers: Books 4-6 (RTS #16-18)
ON Edge - RTS #13
Game ON - RTS #14
ON The Rocks - RTS #15
Shame ON You - RTS #16
ON Fire - RTS #17
ON The Run - RTS #18

Alex Troutt Thrillers:
AT Stake - RTS #19
AT Any Cost - RTS #20
Back AT You - RTS #21
AT Every Turn - RTS #22
AT Death's Door - RTS #23
AT Full Tilt - RTS #24

The Scoop
By now you're probably aware that the Alex Troutt thrillers, Ivy Nash thrillers, and the Ozzie Novak thrillers are all under the same Redemption Thriller Series umbrella. Why? Because, ultimately, they all connect -- Alex, Ivy, Ozzie. How? That's part of the mystery that I'm slowly unveiling throughout the Redemption Thriller Series.

Through each sub-series, characters from different books appear in the other novels. If it adds suspense, intrigue, or even a good laugh, I've included a cross-over character -- it's a lot more fun that way. Plus -- and here's the real kicker -- the final six novels will bring all of the major characters together -- Alex, Ivy, Ozzie. It will be explosive and gut-wrenching…in a way that will leave you breathless.

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