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Boxed Water 33.8 ounce (1 Liter) 12 pack, Better than plastic bottled water, BPA free drinking water

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Grocery · Boxed Water Is Better

Item Details
  • Buying from sellers other than Boxed Water is Better increases your risk of damaged goods.
  • Better than bottled water. Our boxes are made of paper from sustainable well-managed forests.
  • Extra-large size (double our standard box) to help you meet your health goals.
  • Purified water via an 8-step process includes reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, and UV light treatment.
  • 100% recyclable and 100% BPA free.
At Boxed Water, we obsess over providing the purest water in the most sustainable way. We are the 1st national company to offer an alternative to plastic water bottles. By choosing the Box, you can make a statement that sustainability matters. Our 100% pure water is packaged in 100% recyclable cartons made using paper from well-managed forests. This 12 pack of 1 liter (33.8 ounces) boxes allows you a convenient choice that is better for the planet, better for you, and better for all of us.
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