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Wobble Balance Board - Core Trainer, Fitness Equipment + Exercise Video to build Stability, Strength and Flexibility - 15.75” Diameter - by Rocco Balance

Wobble Balance Board - Core Trainer, Fitness Equipment + Exercise Video to build Stability, Strength and Flexibility - 15.75” Diameter - by Rocco Balance

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Sports · Rocco Balance

Item Details
  • ✔ RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET - No matter your mission, make your fitness journey a success with your own balance trainer! With regular use you'll simply tone and tighten your physical and mental performance levels, and will be fit to slay at whatever the world throws your way.
  • ✔ THE EVERY BODY BOARD - Get the balance board that meets you where you are NOW. This adaptable exercise equipment is suitable for all fitness levels. So whether you're recovering from an injury or wanting to ride bigger waves, this is the standing desk balance board you'll never want to be without.
  • ✔ FREE ONLINE VIDEO COURSE! Hit your goals, and then some - The right tool plus the right plan are the keys to achieving the progress you crave. Easily incorporate your Rocco Balance wooden wobble board and the FREE WORKOUT COURSE into any training or rehabilitation program for a fun yet challenging way to strengthen key muscles, hone your focus, boost agility, support proper posture, and more!
  • ✔ SOLID DESIGN - Score sleek design, unmatched durability, and the strongest anti-slip surface around! Not only can Rocco Balance's strong wooden balance disc and the strong plastic base hold up to heavy weight and high pressure, but it does it all while looking great, too.
  • ✔ IN THE POCKET PROMISE - 2 YEAR WARRANTY - Whether you're afraid of commitment or you just aren't sure if a balance boards are for you, fear not! When you purchase from Rocco Balance you get the best stability board around, our peace of mind guarantee, and an unbeatable 2 - year warranty.

Improve Your Balance & Strengthen Your Core at home with Rocco Balance Wobble Board

Rocco Balance gives you a fun, easy, and convenient way to achieve peak performance in any environment. The wobble board will help you increase core strength and coordination with a full 360 degrees of rotation and 15 degrees of tilt in any direction.

The balance board for EVERYbody, Small board, big results

Get the challenge you need, from kids to adults no matter your age, skill, or fitness level - increase core stability, the balance board is great for balance training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, home workout and more. 

Fresh design, unmatched durability, and the strong anti-slip surface

Anti-skid surface to provide perfect grip during workouts, the balance board is built with quality birch wood and durable plastic base that supports up to 300 pounds. The board is 15.75” in diameter, wide surface suitable for a wide range of different workouts. The board is covered with three layers of high-quality varnish to keep you wooden board fresh and strong for years to come.

Strike the right balance, Designed by experts, approved by everyone

Develop key muscles, enhance concentration, and cultivate full-body awareness to prevent injuries, build strength, and love your favorite activities even more.

 The power to live your passion! And look awesome, too

Included with your purchase:

✔  Wooden balance wobble board

✔  Rocco Balance Online workout video tutorials –  step by step to achieving your goals


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