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Fit-PRO Full Body Workout Balance Board for Simply Fit | Twisting Athletics Fitness Board & Exercise Trainer To Tone Muscles, Core, Abs, Arms, Legs by Blue, Green

Fit-PRO Fit Board, Abs Legs Core Workout Board, Balance Board with A Twist, Balance fitness board (Green)

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3.1 out of 5 stars · 6 customer reviews


Sports · Fit-PRO

Item Details
  • <ul><li>DURABLE VERSATILE BALANCE BOARD Our balance board for twist and other body workout exercises is made of durable, sturdy, ABS plastic with an anti-slip surface for the perfect balance you need during your exercise sessions.</li>
  • <li>VERSATILE FITNESS SOLUTION: This versatile board core balance board with A twist is suitable for application to a range of exercises including twists, planks, and push-ups. It is also ideal for toning your core muscles, legs, and abdominal muscles. This balance board works for weight loss programs, leg, and core-toning exercises. It works perfectly with a balance workout mat and balance board resistance bands. </li>
  • <li>IMPROVES BALANCE AND COORDINATION: Get your body balance improved by the unique twisting motion of the balance board kit. Our premium high-quality workout balance trainer with Special twisting motion helps you achieve better coordination, strength, reaction time, and improved agility, which all contribute to better well-being and health. It is ideal for domestic and gym use. Suitable for use by men, women, beginners and professional athletes alike.</li>
  • <li>LIGHTWEIGHT AND SUPER-STRONG: Made from superb Quality ABS plastic, our balance board physical therapy device is super-strong, durable, and supports up to 400lbs. despite it being the lightest balance board in the balance workout accessories market. The lightweight design of our balance board exercise device makes it easy to transport even in a backpack or gym workout bag.</li>
  • <li>ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: This wobble board exercises for core boasts an anti-slip surface for improved safety and comfort during your workout sessions. The anti-slide surface makes it suitable for use on a balance board workout mat. It helps to keep your workout mat damage and scratch-free.</li> </ul>
Fit-PRO Balance Board is made of high-quality material with a special anti-slide surface making your training exercises safer and more fun. Special twisting motion helps improve your balance and tone your entire body. Just bend your knees slightly and begin the twisting motion. For first use you can hold onto a stable item such as a chair until you will achieve a good balance. Be sure to always use Balance Board on a carpeted surface!

Special twisting motion on the twist board helps tone entire body. Premium fitness board use improve balance, agility, stability and release stress.

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