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Jam Musical Instrument Set - 1x Electronic all instrument clip-on Tuner, 1x Capo, 1x Screw Opener for Guitar, 2x picks 0.45 mm, 2x Bridge for picks Holder and 1x Matching Bag

Jam Musical Instrument Set - 1x Electronic all instrument clip-on Tuner, 1x Capo, 1x Screw Opener for Guitar, 2x picks 0.45 mm, 2x Bridge for picks Holder and 1x Matching Bag

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Musical Instruments · Global Kingdom

Item Details
  • ALL YOU NEED IS... JAM ALL-IN ONE TUNING SET - Nobody wants to arrive at a gig only to discover part of your equipment isn't there. The JAM set is the only set on Amazon with everything you need to tune your instrument in one convenient pouch. The Jam electronic tuner, combined with capo and picks, makes tuning a cinch and you'll be ready to play on key in no time. The screw opener will protect your guitar from scratches, a bridge for holding picks and a bag designed especially for the set.
  • VERSATILE AND EASY TO OPERATE - Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Violin, and Chromatic - the JAM tuning set tunes all your favorite instruments. A simple touch of a button sets the tuner for the appropriate instrument type. Tuning with JAM is fast and easy, so stop wasting your time tuning your instrument and spend more time enjoying your music!
  • HIGH TECH PRECISION TUNER! This sophisticated device is designed to work through vibration, so background noise is no problem and you can easily and accurately tune your instrument even in the noisiest room. JAM's bright LCD screen provides sharp visibility from any angle. When not in use, it has an automatic shut off feature to preserve battery life.
  • SUPERBLY ENGINEERED CAPO AND DURABLE PICKS - The included capo is made of top grade zinc alloy, with quality spring and gentle but durable silicone pad. Together, these design features protect your precious instrument from scratches and preserve its lifespan. You'll find it quicker and easier to change between frets with one hand and "pull out the string nail".
  • 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Every item in the JAM tuner set is made of the finest materials and is designed to last. To back that up, your purchase comes with a one year warranty. You're going to love your JAM set so much, you'll soon be recommending it to your entire band!

Why JAM tuning set?

As a music lover you can't wait to connect with your instrument and start jamming. However, as a true musician you also know it is a crime to play an instrument that is off tune. Instruments can become out of tune so quickly, even from a short car ride or slight change in weather. It used to be annoying and time consuming to tune, but with the technology of the new JAM tuning set you can tune your instrument fast and accurately and be ready to play effortlessly. Simply connect the tuner to the headstock of your instrument and working off vibration, it will provide you with an accurate guide to adjust your instrument to perfection.

What's unique about the JAM set is that everything you need to tune your instrument comes together in this one set, as follows:

  • a tuner for electronic guitar with multicolor display
  • a capo for strings
  • screw opener
  • 3 picks
  • bridge for holding 2 picks
  • cool designed bag for the entire set

The included capo clamps on firmly and moves easily between frets to protect your instrument from scratches. Three quality picks with the bridge that can hold two of them are also included and everything can be stored together in the convenient bag. You will always be ready for your next jamming session.

The JAM tuning set is so versatile because it works with so many different instruments. You can easily adjust the settings to accommodate for guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, or chromatic. The tuner ensures that whatever instrument you choose, it will achieve its maximum sound quality.

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All of the products in the set are made from the highest quality materials and they are designed to last. If for whatever reason you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, we have a one year money back warranty from the date of purchase.

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