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100% Organic Birch Water (Birch Tree Sap) … (1, 11.4 oz - 15 Pack)

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Item Details
  • BIRCHIQ Birch Water 100% Organic
  • Now you can connect to our roots... Long lost secret of the European and Chinese villagers, and now we are happy to bring this hydrating and health benefiting beverage to United States.
  • Birchiq birch water is nutrients rich, contains natural occurring electrolytes and antioxidants. We work with locals to collect 100% organic birch sap, bottle it and deliver it straight to you to quench your thirst with the crisp natural subtle sweet taste of Birchiq birch water.
  • Never from concentrate, straight from the tree to the bottle. Collection period last only 14-21 days a year in the early spring where the birch tree is carefully tapped and drop by drop birch sap is collected amounting to about a gallon of sap a day per tree.
Our Mission: Sharing the benefits of Birch Water with as many people as we can. A percentage of every bottle sold will benefit those who need clean water. Also, by buying birch tree water you protect trees and forests that are now not going to be cut for lumber instead preserving the life of the forests, connecting with nature and experiencing its gift fill your body with 100% Organic pure goodness. Taste of the forest freshness... While having over 5 times less calories and sugar than coconut water, and over 10 times less sodium Birchiq birch water contains over 4 times more calcium and twice more the amount of manganese, which in combination with potassium and magnesium, makes it a champion of healthy drinks. Oh yes, naturally occurred sugar in Birchiq birch water is xylitol, which your body will appreciate due to its ability to not raise blood sugar levels and dental benefits.Natures formula of renewal for your body...Birchiq birch water has the ideal combination of Electrolytes to restore those that are lost during daily activities, gym workouts, and sports with 100% organic and pure elixir of health. DRINK HEALTHY!
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