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Whiskey Stones - Gift Set of 9, Velvet Freezer Bag, Reusable 100% Soapstone Whiskey Ice Cubes, Wine, Beer - No Diluting, Whiskey Rocks Chill Stones Whisky Stones Chilling Rocks (Set of 9 Stones)


Kitchen · Xingrass

Item Details
  • WHISKEY STONES - All of our whiskey rocks are made from 100% soapstone with no fillers then cut into perfect squares cubes and come with a velvet freezer storage bag and stainless steel serving tongs. They are perfect groomsmen gift, birthday gift, christmas gift, stocking stuffer, anniversary gift, gift for your boyfriend, gift for your husband or the perfect gift for anyone who doesn't like their drinks watered down.
  • 100% SAFE - it is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a suitable surface material for contact with food. Once your drink is chilled the stones will maintain that chill longer than ice cubes.
  • REUSABLE AND DISHWASHER SAFE - Because our whiskey stones are made from soapstone they are naturally non porous. No liquid or soap will get trapped inside the whiskey stones during washes or uses making them reusable. Since they are rocks / stones please be careful where you place them in the dishwasher as they could damage your other dishes.
  • CHILL YOUR DRINK TO PERFECTION - Without watering It down and losing flavor our whiskey stones hold their temperature and bring your drink down to an optimal temperature. Tests show it bringing the temperature down between 5 - 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect For Whiskey, Vodka, Wine, Cocktails Or Any Other Beverage. If you would like your drink chilled further it is simple just add more whiskey stones to your beverage.
  • DON'T WASTE $$$ ON PACKAGING - Our whiskey stone is designed to provide you more premium quality soapstone whiskey stones at a lower price than most sellers. Don't waste money on a wooden box or other packaging you will simply never put into your freezer!

Don't suffer another moment of drinking warm or room-temperature whiskey - just because you don't want it watered down from ice cubes.

The latest innovation is WHISKEY ROCKS that you stick in the freezer and use when you're ready to enjoy your favorite single malt!

Since we take careful steps to smooth out the edges, you can rest assured that these rocks won't scratch your favorite glassware. They clink just like real ice - but without the hassle of diluting your drink!

And... if you have any problems with the whiskey stones... don't worry. Just send them back, and your money will be refunded no questions asked.

So don't wait. Solve your "watered-down" whiskey problems today with these amazingly convenient, high-quality ice-replacement rocks. Nine rocks come in the set - and we recommend 3 rocks per 3 ounces of liquid.

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