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Bamboo Toothbrush w/Oral Hygiene Natural Teeth Whitening Organic Activated Charcoal Powder Set

Bamboo Toothbrush w/Oral Hygiene Natural Teeth Whitening Organic Activated Charcoal Powder Set

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Beauty · Ministry of Warehouse

Item Details
  • Painstakingly designed Bamboo Toothbrush that is statistically proven to shove away 25% more plaque.
  • The Included coconut-based All Natural Charcoal Powder detoxifies and significantly whitens your teeth.
  • Medium-soft bristles that perfectly balances between plaque removal and protecting your gum & teeth's enamel. Can easily be adapted as a tongue cleaner.
  • Environmentally friendly and very recyclable. Minimal carbon footprint.
  • Highly smoothed Bamboo handle. Guaranteed no splinters and water resistant.

We've put together a product that redefines Oral hygiene. Read on:

- Why Bamboo Toothbrush? Are you doing enough to REDUCE your CARBON FOOTPRINT? You need to answer to Mother Earth. Bamboo is eco-friendly, durable and sustainable (unlike plastic).

- Why use OUR Bamboo Toothbrush? We designed it professionally to help you REACH and CLEAN deep between your teeth. The head of this toothbrush is tilted OPTIMALLY at 15° to HELP you SHOVE AWAY 25% more plaque VS normal toothbrushes.

- Comes with ALL NATURAL Teeth Whitening Powder. To help you get started on KICK ASS hygiene. This thing basically has the same ingredient as charcoal pills, you know, made from coconut shell. You are looking at DETOX, ANTIBACTERIAL and stuff.

- Still asking why? We guarantee that you will NOT GET SPLINTERS. The bamboo handle on this thing is THOROUGHLY treated to be SMOOTH and WATER RESISTENT.

- WAIT! Here’s something NEAT. We label each of them individually (comes in sets of TWO), so you will not use SHELDON’s TOOTHBRUSH, accidentally. Oopps.


How to use? 4 simple steps!

1. Submerge the Bamboo Toothbrush into a cup of water to wet the bristles.

2, Gently dip the bristles of the bamboo toothbrush into the powdered charcoal.

3. Lean over the container of charcoal and quickly put the charcoal covered toothbrush in the mouth (this is to protect your sink).

4. Brush in small, gentle circles for 2 minutes, spit carefully and rinse really well.

Your teeth will get noticeably whiter after your first brush.

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