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Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser | Culinary Gourmet Cream Whipper Canister | Fresh Homemade Whipped Cream Maker | Durable Stainless Steel & Aluminum - 1 Pint | Standard N20 Charger (Not Included)

Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser | Culinary Gourmet Cream Whipper Canister | Fresh Homemade Whipped Cream Maker | Durable Stainless Steel & Aluminum - 1 Pint | Standard N20 Charger (Not Included)

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3.2 out of 5 stars · 45 customer reviews

Kitchen · RM Lifestyle Direct

Item Details
  • ✅GET PERFECT DESSERTS WITH OUR GOURMET WHIPPER! Use our cream whipper to create tasty and professional looking treats in your very own home. Craft incredible desserts or savory snacks with this easy to use whip cream maker that lets you have control over the quality of the food you're eating. It's perfect for making everything from savory mousse to uniquely flavored whipped creams, with a light, fluffy consistency every time.
  • ✅EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN. VIEW RELATED VIDEO SHORTS BELOW FOR TIPS ON PROPER USE. It only takes 6 simple steps to use our whip cream dispenser and have fresh, delicious whipped cream to throw over deserts and coffees and take your experience from casual to elegant and delicious. Our heavy whipped cream maker is also super easy to clean! Simply take out the N20 canister, remove the decorating tip, then wash with the rest of your items.
  • ✅AVOID ARTIFICIAL NASTINESS! Say goodbye to wasting money on gross products! With this professional whipped cream canister you can have delicious whipped cream without all of the artificial flavoring and difficult-to-pronounce chemicals of store bought whipped cream. Just pick your favorite, most delicious cream, pour it into the whip cream canister, and watch as your deserts get crowned with incredible designs that you can choose!
  • ✅BE THE DINNER TIME HERO! It doesn't matter if you're a busy parent or a professional chef, our whip creamer is an incredible asset in any kitchen. This whipped cream maker makes any homemade creation look as if it was made by a 3-star Michelin chef! Make beautiful desserts with carefully chosen designs that enhance the fluffiness and ramp up the flavor of your homemade whipped cream.
  • ✅THE WHIPPING CREAM MAKER ANYONE CAN ENJOY. With unmatched quality and durability, this whipper dispenser matches the personality of any would-be chef. We created the ultimate artisanal whipped cream maker, using durable materials like aluminum for the body and stainless steel for the nozzle. The Wattle & Vine values are Excellence, Passion, Purpose and Trust so you get a 100% company guarantee. Not satisfied? Return your whip cream dispenser within 30 days for a prompt and courteous refund.
Get Fancy Creating Decadent Treats with Our Dessert Whipper

The Whipped Cream Dispenser That's Perfect for Entertaining Guests

You've been there; hosted an entire dinner, served out succulent dishes that your guests absolutely loved. But then...dessert. You used fake whipped cream from the store. You know the one, with almost no flavor and comes in one bland shape. You've draped your creations with it, and it added nothing to the dish. Talk about ending the night on a period instead of an exclamation point.

With our whip cream dispenser you can enhance all of your favorites and give your guests a dessert worth remembering. It's the perfect way to dress up classic desserts like crepes, pies, puff pastries, ice cream sundaes and so much more! Even use it to class up some appetizers and create fancy variations of savory mousse that will start the night strong.

An Easy to Use Whipping Cream Machine!

All you need to do in order to have incredible desserts time and again in 6 steps!

1.Pour cream into the canister up to the max line marked on the outside
2.Screw the head onto the canister
3.Insert charger cartridge into the charger holder
4.Screw the charger holder onto the head until the cartridge N20 is fully released into the canister
5.Hold the canister upside down and shake 8-10 times; test and if semi-liquid shake a few more times
6.Hold the dispenser about 1 inch above the object and press the lever to dispense the whipped cream

Never Eat Unhealthy and Artificial Whipped Cream Again

Using our heavy whipped cream dispenser means you won't have to depend on buying artificial whipped cream anymore. Beyond chemicals and preservatives that aren't good for you, there's hardly any flavor in the store bought stuff!


3.62 inches X 3.70 inches X 12.51 inches


1 Pint or 2 Cups


Whipper comes in Matt Black

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