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Trespassers: A Military Science Fiction Space Opera (The Chaos Shift Cycle Book 1)

Trespassers: A Military Science Fiction Space Opera (The Chaos Shift Cycle Book 1)

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eBooks · TR Cameron

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Will humanity's first contact with aliens lead to its destruction?

A blunder into forbidden territory.
An errant torpedo.
The destruction of a sacred relic.

Now, Lieutenant Commanders Anderson Cross and Kate Flynn are in the crosshairs of an alien invasion. Their battered ship bears the hatred of an entire species. It will take all they can give to survive. It will take even more to win.

It’s life or death for them.
For their ship and crew.
And, just maybe, for all of humanity.

Can Cross and Flynn slow the alien advance? There’s only one way to find out.

Get it now.

If you like rocket-paced action, characters to love (and hate), and the thrilling suspense of life-or-death stakes around every corner, you'll love Trespassers!

The Chaos Shift Cycle:
Book 1: Trespassers | Book 2: Defenders | Book 3: Protectors | Book 4: Deliverers | Book 5: Victors

Author Interview
What inspired you to write military science fiction / science fiction adventure / space opera?
That’s the answer right there, really! I’m a genre-hopper, so the idea of creating a military space opera with tons of adventure really appealed to me. Plus, swords, knives, pistols, and space marines are always fun.

Is each book a standalone story?
Yes, each has its own story to tell, but they are all part of a much bigger tale that begins in Trespassers and wraps up in Victors.

What’s that bigger story like?
Imagine mixing Battlestar Galactica with John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series and adding in the political intrigue of James S.A. Corey’s Expanse series. It’s kind of like that.

Who are your top-5 science fiction author influences?
Awesome Question. I’d say, in no particular order, Matthew Woodring Stover, John Scalzi, David Weber, Stephen R. Douglas, and Isaac Asimov.
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