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New SAT Strategies for a 1600

New SAT Strategies for a 1600

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eBooks · Nathan Halberstadt

Item Details
Learn how the 17-year-old author improved his SAT score by 240 points putting his score into the 99.79th percentile. In this concise book, the author reveals all the strategies and tips that he picked up along the way. As someone who just went through the process of taking the New SAT in June of 2017, the author believes that he is uniquely qualified to teach how to master this test. Success on the SAT doesn’t happen because of luck. It’s predictable if you follow a plan. This book is your plan. Each chapter reveals a set of detailed strategies and tips that will improve your score. The book also includes two smart study schedules that can be used to work through the practice exams released online for free by the College Board. Any student who reads this book and follows one of the study schedules will be well prepared to maximize their potential on the New SAT.

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