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Pono Board 2.0 - Balance Board - Unique Lateral Motion - Adjustable for any Exercise or Standing Desk

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Sports · Pono Ola

Item Details
  • Find Balance - Unique lateral motion Balance Board challenges the Core, not the Mind
  • Be Strong - Adjustable Balance Board for use with Yoga, CrossFit, or any Exercise
  • Active Working - A distraction free & ergonomic standing desk Balance Board
  • Live Mindfully - Beach workout inspired Balance Board with simple horizontal motion
  • Stay Fit - Easy Balance Board movement that is fun for all fitness levels
The Pono Board 2.0 Has motion orbs that are 2x bigger, for 2x more movement & 2x more core challenge. It's simple movement enhances any workout or standing desk. Stepping onto the board actively engages core muscles. The Pono Board is easy and safe, encouraging a clear mind, that’s not focused on balance. The movement is adjustable, making it the best balance board for yoga, strength training, & standing desks. The board’s unique horizontal movement challenges the whole body. The Pono Board is designed to feel like the beach, eliminating the ’see saw’ or ‘teeter totter’ that you feel on most balance boards. The board moves laterally while staying parallel to the ground. The patented mocean orb base works like air filled ball bearings. The balls produce a unique type of instability, isolating motion to the horizontal plane. The balls limit the distance the board can move, and changing the inflation level adjusts the board’s instability, for unlimited exercise opportunities.

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