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RockJam RJWETUNE WeTune - A Clip On Instrument Tuner, Guitar Tuner, Ukulele Tuner & More

RockJam RJWETUNE WeTune - A Clip On Instrument Tuner, Guitar Tuner, Ukulele Tuner & More

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4.1 out of 5 stars · 19 customer reviews


Musical Instruments · PDT Ltd - IMPORT (UK Vendor, Product FOB China)

Item Details
  • SUPER FAST: The RockJam WeTune is the most efficient multi instrument tuner on the market so you can spend less time tuning and more time playing.
  • SUPER CLEAR: The RockJam WeTune features a bright and easy to read display.
  • SUPER SIMPLE: The RockJam WeTune is so easy to use and is ready to use right out of the box.
  • SUPER DEPENDABLE: Lightweight, durable and portable. The RockJam WeTune is the perfect tuner for home, professional and school usage.
  • SUPER VERSATILE: The RockJam WeTune is a universal tuner so it works as a Guitar tuner, a Violin tuner, a Ukulele tuner and with many more instruments.
  • SUPER VALUE: The RockJam WeTune tuner comes complete with free guitar picks and holder.
  • SUPER HELPFUL: Get 2 months free Face 2 Face Lessons from TakeLessons when you buy a RockJam WeTune Tuner.
  • SUPER FLEXIBLE: The RockJam We-Tune Tuner clip features a 360 joint allowing it be flexible to your needs no matter on the instrument.
The Rock Jam We Tune is a highly effective and ascetically pleasing universal instrument clip on tuner that is built to last. The Rock Jam We Tune is highly accurate (within 1% accuracy) with of a wide tuning range (A0-C8) and variable A4 frequency (430-450 Hz pitch calibration.) The easy to use the Rock Jam We Tune is highly adaptable works with a capo, can attach in front or behind the headstock on stringed instruments, transposition settings for Bb, Be, F, and D woodwind and brass instruments and has specific tuning modes for guitar, bass, violin, ukulele and chromatic.

Bright in color, beautiful in design and with the included battery this really is the ultimate tuning solution. If you can tune it, We Tune it.

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