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Personna Men's 3 Blade Razor with Bulk Razor Pack of 15 Replacement Cartridges and Shaving Razor Handle

Personna Men's 3 Blade Razor with Bulk Razor Pack of 15 Replacement Cartridges and Shaving Razor Handle

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3.7 out of 5 stars · 27 customer reviews


Beauty · Personna

Item Details
  • RISK FREE: Satisfaction guaranteed through Amazon! When the seller is Personna and the shipper is Amazon, you can be assured that the product you receive is quality and your purchase is secure. Personna was the first company to introduce the safety razor in the US. We have over 135 years of customer satisfaction behind our product! We led the way in innovation, and we continue to grow and develop technology to improve your shave.
  • SMOOTH, PRECISE SHAVE: With a specially designed guard created with the sensitive contours of a man's face and neck in mind, we can ensure a safe shave. Glides smoothly across the skin. Great for all of the lines and curves of a man's jawline. Contours to provide a smooth shave around delicate areas. Our unique optimized soap bar profile is designed to improve skin flow, reduce friction, and improve cartridge balance to reduce irritation commonly associated with shaving. 3-blades remov
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: These disposable razors contain the same high-quality razorblades that we use on our system razors. We never compromise the quality of your shave or our materials. All of our blades are made in the USA from imported steel.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Personna is a trusted American brand with over 135 years in the razor business. All of our blades are made in the United States from high quality imported steel.
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for wet shaving in the shower. Quick rinse technology keeps the blades clean, giving you a close shave every time. Ergonomic handle is easy to hold. Blades are ceramic comfort coated to prevent irritation and our newly designed soap bar adds to the smoothness and ease of use.
A truly great 3-blade shave at a great value. Personna has been a trusted razor brand since 1906. If you are looking for a value razor blade alternative to the name brand overpriced varieties with an equivalent performance, this is what you are looking for. You get a bulk pack of razors, so you won't need to buy them again for a while. 15 of the finest, made-in-the USA, ceramic-coated 3-Blade men's razor cartridges designed for how a man shaves. This razor has a deluxe handle that is contoured for those tough to reach areas even the toughest areas, a no-slip grip for wet shaving, and a perfectly sized lubrication strip fortified with aloe and vitamin E for an even better glide. The handle has a one finger cartridge release for quick cartridge change. These 3-blade razor cartridges come packed 5 cartridges to a dispenser, so you will get 3 dispensers to store in your cabinet. Compare to any other razors for the price and performance. A great alternative to other high-priced razors at significant savings. Compare this price for 15 men's 3-blade razors and cartridges to the price you are paying at retail and then compare the shave. You won't go to the store again to buy your razors. These may have a cheap razor price, but not a cheap shave quality.

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