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iClever Wireless Keyboard 2.4 GHz USB with Sensitive Touchpad for Android Smart TV Google Box Raspberry HTPC IPTV Windows 10

iClever Wireless Keyboard 2.4 GHz USB with Sensitive Touchpad for Android Smart TV Google Box Raspberry HTPC IPTV Windows 10

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3 out of 5 stars · 48 customer reviews


PC Accessory · iClever

Item Details
  • Full-size keyboard with touchpad: With complete full function rows and a large, sensitive touchpad with left and right click functions, play your video games and work on your smart TV from the comfort of your home
  • Power saving function: This wireless keyboard goes into auto-sleep if you've fallen into a sweet slumber mid-show, you won't wake up to the 'no battery' signal
  • Comfortable typing keys: Sized like a regular keyboard, these sturdy large print keys mean you an churn out report after report without the strain, at whisper quiet levels
  • Strong wireless connectivity: With a solid 30 feet range, this means even if you're in the kitchen cooking up a storm, you can still press play and pause on that video streaming on the television in your living room
  • Super compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of devices, from tablets, desktop computers to your Smart TVs (except the Samsung UE37ES5500 , UE55KU6400U windows phones)
iClever GK01 USB Wireless Keyboard for Smart Device
Smart TVs are all the rage now, and there's something about big screens that suck us into a whole new digital realm - whether is it we're on the mission on our favorite video game, or just watching our favorite late-night talkshow
With the iClever portable keyboard with touchpad, you can search for movies, and even write research papers from the comfort of your couch. A simple plug and play, and you can get typing!

We present you, the full (keyboard) works
We removed the wires from the keyboard - but that was as far as we went in terms of removing functionality. With a full number and function row, you won't be missing any old functions from your traditional keyboard. If you're a numbers wizard, the NUM lock function transforms the capital keys into a number pad, and the wide touchpad makes navigation a piece of cake

Truly wireless
Extremely lightweight, this full size keyboard operates on a wireless USB dongle rate for a 30 feet range and 2.4GHz wireless technology. So you can rest assured that if you've found the perfect cozy spot at home, you won't have to get out of it to navigate - our 30 feet range can handle that. Runs on 2 AAA batteries(no battery included)

Words won't get you down
Remember the hand cramps from churning out that 1000-word essay on the night before it's due? Here at iClever, we remember that too. That's why we've designed this keyboard with comfortable springy touch keys that makes typing a breeze. And with whisper-quiet touch keys, work late into the night without disturbing a single soul.

Warranty guarantee
-30 days money back guarantee
-18 month replacement warranty
-Lifetime support guarantee

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