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Sous Vide cooker Machine Thermal Immersion Circulator: Precision and Temperature Controller for Easy, Healthy & Even Cooking - BONUS 100 RECIPE COOKBOOK - Black and Stainless, 120 Volts.

Sous Vide cooker Machine Thermal Immersion Circulator: Precision and Temperature Controller for Easy, Healthy & Even Cooking - BONUS 100 RECIPE COOKBOOK - Black and Stainless, 120 Volts.

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Kitchen · G&M Kitchen Essentials

Item Details
  • ✅ LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT HOUSEWARMING GIFT IDEA? - Look no further! The G&M Kitchen Essentials sous vide cooker will help your loved ones enhance their diet, save time and enjoy delicious, evenly cooked meals every single day! Plus, we back our precision cooker with an exclusive 1-YEAR WARRANTY and an unconditional MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! What are you waiting for?
  • ✅ SET IT & FORGET IT! - Unlike traditional cooking methods that require your constant attention or else your meal will be ruined, our convenient sous vide precision cooker will allow you to focus on more important things while your steaks or veggies are cooked to perfection! The handy temperature controller will make sure that your meal is evenly cooked every single time!
  • ✅ THE ALL-INCLUSIVE SOUS VIDE CHEF'S KIT! - We have made it convenient for customers to buy everything they need for sous vide cooking! In addition to our cooker, you can include our vacuum sealed bags and pump, as well as our cooking balls that help prevent evaporation so you're not constantly refilling your water container! Bundle up and save with our promos!
  • ✅ RECIPE eBOOK INCLUDED - Don't know what to cook? No worries: Every order includes an attachment of 100 Sous Vide recipes for you to savor over! We are working on a physical copy of the book, but for now be on the lookout for a follow-up e-mail with our eBook!
  • ✅ GOURMET COOKING IS NOW A BREEZE! - Looking for an easy and time-saving way to cook your favorite recipes without worrying about overcooking them? Need a professional-grade cookware accessory for stress-free cooking? The G&M Kitchen Essentials sous vide immersion circulator cooker is here to make meal preparation the easiest part of your day!
CHEF QUALITY FOOD Once reserved for chefs, immersion cookers are the new 'it thing' in home cooking now that they are smaller and more affordable. Make tasty sous vide cuisine and restaurant-quality meals with no talent required. The precise heat makes gourmet cooking easy. Even frozen or reheated meals taste fresh.

Thermal cookers use a water bath for consistent heating. Turbine power stirs the water around your vacuum-sealed food for an even temperature. All your meals, including hard-to-perfect meats, will be done uniformly. Cook a juicy and tender steak and so much more with a method that is more predictable than the stovetop, oven or grill.

Our sous vide machine is practically foolproof. Use the simple scrolling wheel to set an exact cooking temperature, then drop your sealed foods in the water bath and walk away without worrying about overcooking or burning. Foods can only get as hot as the water that surrounds them, so it's impossible to fail if the temperature is correct.

Prepare foods ahead of time in vacuum bags, then just drop them in the water bath when you're ready to eat. Our sous vide circulator works with any size pot, and there's no rush to remove the food from heat because it can't overcook. If you get distracted or forget about your meal for a while, no big deal. Our precision cooker is also easy to set up and use. It doesn't require Wi-Fi like other models; just plug it in and go.

Our immersion cooker is reasonably priced compared to other models without sacrificing performance or quality. A one-year warranty is included.

- G&M Kitchen Essentials Sous Vide Cooker
- Digital Display Panel
- Adjustable Ring Clip
- Shows Fahrenheit and Celsius - 212F Degrees Max Temperature
- 800W or 110V Thermal Power
- Max Bath Size 15L
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