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Escape to the Islands: The Four Seasons Greek Island Collection

Escape to the Islands: The Four Seasons Greek Island Collection

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eBooks · Holly Greene

Item Details
All four books in the bestselling Escape to the Islands romance series in one collection. Get cosy, sit back and escape to the idyllic Greek Islands ...

Life is sweet for Joanna Nelson until the day she gets a call from a lawyer in Greece that knocks her for six. Her father, whom Joanna has never met, has died. Her mum was always reticent to discuss her brief holiday romance many years before on a tiny Greek Island called Skiathos, and all her life Joanna’s tried to fill in the blanks.
Her dad ran a small hotel on the island, and according to the lawyer, has left the property to her.

Her boyfriend immediately advises Joanna to sell the place but it seems things aren't so simple. The persuasive lawyer tells her that though now worn and run-down, the hotel is the heart and soul of a small seaside community in Skiathos and it would break her father's heart to see it sold.
Could Joanna perhaps come and see for herself?

Olivia has had the worst year of her life. Her fiancé abandoned her with only weeks to go before their wedding and she’s just been overlooked for promotion at work.
So when her generous aunt suggests some time away from it all - and offers her little time-share cottage on the Greek island of Santorini, she is thrilled to accept.
Determined to mend her broken heart, regain her lust for life and try to enjoy the best of what the beautiful island has to offer, Olivia is entranced by Santorini upon arrival. But just as she finally begins to feel the weight of her troubles lift from her shoulders, another problem awaits....

Ellie thinks she's landed her dream job when she takes up a marketing position for a world-famous celebrity chef.
Greek-born Zack Rose has millions of social media followers and a successful chain of restaurants in major cities all over. His speciality is Mediterranean classics with a modern twist, and his food has spawned a TV series as well as multiple bestselling cookbooks.

One major stumbling block in the chef’s success has been his failure to make his mark amongst his kinsmen in Greece, and he’s employed talented Ellie to change all that.
Her first task - a jaunt to the beautiful island of Crete to figure out the secret behind Thasos, a beloved and hugely successful family-run restaurant that has been in operation for over thirty years.

Sara is marrying Robert in the New Year, but instead of a traditional hen night or bachelorette party, she decides to invite her friends to her fiancé’s luxurious villa on the Greek island of Rhodes, thinking a long weekend in such beautiful surroundings will be the perfect opportunity for the bridal party to have some fun and relax.
Sara’s best friend Jess is happy to have some time away from the norm, mostly so she can tease out if Sara truly loves Robert, or is blinded by his charm and status.
And she especially hopes to get to the bottom of the single diamond earring she finds under the bed in the villa on the first night of their arrival …

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